Walter and Freddie

You take care you don't let
Their shenanigans blind you
And you're wrong to forget
You've got your country behind you

You're a fool if you think you can wave a flag
And inspire some dramatic action
If I want bad enough then it's in the bag
If I don't you're a mere distraction

You taught me baby
How the few who win acquire
What their hearts desire
It ain't practice, it ain't skill
They'll help but not as much as wanting will

Walter and Freddie FREDDIE
No contest baby!
Pay no mind to reputation
You want concentration?
When they pick him off the floor
It's 'cause I wanted it a little more

You can win you can lose
Take or be a possession
You taught me how to choose
And the key is obsession

See my eyes, are they safe are they even sane?
Are they warm when they seem to greet you?
You don't know, you can't tell, but it should be plain
These are eyes that are gonna beat you
Don't ever tell me
I don't know the way to play it
Do I have to say it?
Doesn't matter what he tries
I have him, you can see it in the eyes.

No contest, baby!
Barely any point in playing
When it's just delaying
What we both already know
He lost it a woman and a half ago.