Murray Head


Murray Head acted in radio plays at 12, had a band and was writing songs at 13, recorded his first single at 17 with Norrie Paramor. His third single, "Some Day Soon" was produced by Tim Rice and featured in the film The Family Way, in which Murray starred as Hywell Bennett's brother. This was followed by two years of theatre. While Murray was in Hair he was approached by Tim Rice to record a song he had written with Andrew Lloyd Webber entitled Superstar. This became a worlwide hit single for Murray in 1971 and led to his portrayal of Judas on the album Jesus Christ Superstar. While he was recording this album at night, he was acting by day in the John Schlesinger film Sunday Bloody Sunday, starring with Glenda Jackson and Peter Finch. Over the years Murray has starred in 7 films. In the mid-seventies he retreated to his Welsh farm for the sole purpose of writing songs for his own albums. One of these songs Say It Ain't So Joe, has been covered by many other artists such as Roger Daltrey, Gary Brooker and The Hollies, and was the title track on one of his own albums that sold half a million copies in France. This opened up a new market for Murray which he has concentrated on ever since. He has had 5 gold albums there and his live shows and concert tours are sell-outs. In 1985 he headlined a free concert at the Place de la Concorde in Paris to an audience of over 400,000. His concepts for his concerts are highly personalised, including effects such as walking up the sides of walls, being fired out of a canon over the heads of his audience and holograms. He is currently writing a new album.