Press Conference

Freddie at the Press Conference

What a scene! What a joy!
What a lovely sight
When my game is the big sensation
Has the mob's sporting taste
Altered overnight?
Have they found new sophistication?

Not yet! They just want to see
If the nice guy beats the bum
If it's East-West
And the money's sky-high
You all come
You all come

You can raise all you want
If you raise the roof
Scream and shout and the gate increases
Break the rules -- break the bank
I'm the living proof
They don't care how I move my pieces

I know I'm the best there is
But all they want is a show
Well that's all right I'll be glad to oblige
S.R.O. S.R.O.

Well, what did I say?
He's out of his tree

He's finally flipped
And between you and me
Though he swears the American dream
Is clearly the best
He's no advertisement for
Life and time in the West

Smile, you got your first exclusive story
Now you can bask in his reflected glory
'Naked, unprovoked, Yankee aggression'
Oh what a credit to your great profession!

How sad that the best his country's produced
Is crumbling in front of our eyes and reduced
To a mindless abuse
When he should be grateful instead
Remember we made him famous
Without us he's dead

Tell all this to the United Nations
Is he an asset to East-West relations?