In the theatre, it is the custom for the producers to give the cast and crew an opening night gift--usually something with the show's logo. Knowing the cast jokingly called the show "Chairs" because of the large number of different chairs used as props, the Three Knights chose to give them another one.

Director's Chair
Black wood and canvas with white shattered chessboard logo,show name, and Benny, Tim and Björn's signatures silkscreened on back
Photo courtesy of cast member Yvonne Bachem
Bar Stool Height Not Sold


By the time the show opened, the RCA souvenirs were replaced with a full complement of merchandise from Dewynters (who also designed and maintained the front of the theatre signs and displays). The first poster, mug, T-shirts and sweatshirts all were black with the full shattered chessboard logo. Later in the run, the black on white fragment of the logo on the souvenir brochure appeared on a second poster, mug, T-shirt and sweatshirt. All were sold in the lobby.

Original Poster

Black with white shattered chessboard logo,show name, and Benny, Tim and Björn's names in gold
12-5/8" X 20" (paper) price unknown
Souvenir Brochure

There are two versions of this. During the first few months of the run, the brochure cover resembled the concept album, had different photos and contained a complete set of song lyrics on white paper bound in the middle. This was later replaced with the white cover, a variation on the show logo which would be used in a second round of merchandise.
9" x 12" about 10 original London program (l) and the one used for most of the three year run
Small Program

Theatreprint "Playbill" type program with full cast, credits, some photos and advertising
6" x 9" less than 1
Second Poster

Black on glossy white paper
Issued about 12-18 months after opening
12-5/8" X 20" (paper) price unknown

FRONT--White full logo on black is original
Black on white issued later about 12-18 months after opening
3-3/4" high price unknown

3-3/4" high price unknown

Black T-shirt

Letters in gray
Squares in white
S, M, L, XL about 5
Black Polo-Style Sweatshirt

No logo, "Chess The Musical" in medium gray puffy letters
S, M, L, XL about 15

Black jacket with white squares with show name in white down the left sleeve
Thanks to Simon for the photo
S, M, L? about 40?
White Sweatshirt

With the logo segment as in the second poster design.
S, M, L, XL about 10
White Nightshirt

Again with the logo segment. Back of the shirt has show name and one black square
one size about 10

Golf Umbrella

Very large black and white umbrella with sculpted wood handle
Thanks to Marco for the photo
one size 29


Silver metal and
black enamel cloisonne pin
1" x 1-1/2" 5?


Foam frisbees thrown by cast to audience
during each performance.
Self-adhesive black label stuck on white foam circles.
Cast member reported that the labels cost £1 each.
About 20 used for each performance.
9-1/2" diameter, 1 inch thick free

Many thanks to Simon for the windcheater photo and to Marco for the umbrella photo.