Tommy Korberg


Tommy Körberg was born in the north of Sweden in 1948. He began his musical career in the mid-sixties with the pop band Tom, Mick and the Maniacs. In 1969, Tommy represented Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest. He is now one of Sweden's most popular actors and singers, having appeared on stage, television, radio and records there on many occasions. He has sung everything from folk and rock to musical comedy and opera. His theatrical credits range from Brecht to Brel, his recording successes from jazz to popular. He has worked on many productions for the Swedish National Theatre. Since his involvement with Chess he has toured Europe, and in 1985 played his first concerts in Australia and New Zealand. He has moved to London for the length of his run in Chess as commuting from his home in Stockholm would be impractical.

(Note: All biographies are from the original London Chess programme.