Sam Alama


Samuel Ah Sin Alama, Sr. was born in Honolulu in 1898. He began his professional career in 1918, went on to form both a large and small band ('Sam Alama's Super Six'). His bands played at the Alexander Young Hotel's Roof Garden, Lau Yee Chai (a great restaurant/nightspot the locals lovingly called 'Lousy Chow' despite the good food), the grand opening of the Royal and went on to join the Hawaii Calls radio show for many years. He also toured the South Pacific on Matson Lines' S.S. Malolo. Tony Todaro calls him "my all-time favorite show opener . . . his rollicking style of singing for Hawaii Calls openings created such rhythmic excitement that made it impossible for the next singer to top him."

Biographical material from Tony Todaro, The Golden Years of Hawaiian Entertainment (Tony Todaro Pub., 1974).