Kent Bowman


'The Prince of Pidgen' was born in Hilo. Known for his recordings and performances as the perpetual candidate for Senator, K. K. Ka'umanua (prounouce it and you'll get the joke). Kaumanua's motto was "you no can say something nice about someone, talk stink about everyone." Bowman emceed the Press Club's Gridiron shows for years, served on many civic and political organizations and was a regular on KCCN radio.

Bowman's career in public service led to the creation of Kaumanua and he made a half dozen recordings including a memorable LP of Hawaiian children's stories, translating the traditional tales into island lexicon. Thus the big bad wolf and the three little pigs became Mano the Shark and the three little pua and Snow White became Hau Kea and the Seven Menehunes. He currently lives in Las Vegas and writes a column for Ohana magazine.