Sol. K. Bright


Solomon Kekipi Bright was born in Honolulu, and became famous as a composer, musician, comic dancer, producer, director and actor. The author of 'Hawaiian Cowboy,' 'Sophisticated Hula,' and many others began his career with his sister Hannah Bright's orchestra. He joined Sol Hoopii's orchestra in 1928 on the mainland, then returned to Honolulu and formed his own band. He toured the west coast from 1936 through 1957, while appearing in every major Waikiki venue when on island.

Sol's brother Andy popularized 'Hawaiian Cowboy' on Hawaii Calls, using a dummy horse as a prop, an idea Hilo Hattie appropriated for her shows. Sol's other comic hit, 'Hawaiian Scotsman,' made a star out of Bill Akamuhou. Sol's hundreds of recordings sold millions of copies. He was a moving force behind the formation of the Hawaiian Professional Songwriter's Society and the Hawaiian Music Awards Academy.

Sol appeared in four films, South Sea Rose, Charlie Chan's Greatest Case, Flirtation Walk and White Woman.

Biographical material from Tony Todaro, The Golden Years of Hawaiian Entertainment (Tony Todaro Pub., 1974).