77 Sunset Strip


SEASON 4, 1961-1962

A note on episode order: television stations rarely run classic TV shows in the correct order. Studios traditionally identify shows by production number, which is assigned when the story is bought and put into development, which has nothing to do with the order the episodes are filmed or aired. Unless otherwise instructed, stations run the shows in numerical sequence.

Another investigative agency is making headlines, solving cases left and right--especially jewel robberies. Stu's concerned, not only because the sleezy Surety Detective Agency is hurting his reputation, but none of the stolen merchandise is going through the usual group of fences. Then Stu's hired to check out the theft of $70,000 in jewels from a retired screen star, whose surf-bum son has a very odd reaction to the theft.
Virginia Gregg (Nola Chase), Chad Everett (Anthony Chase), Dawn Wells (Nixie Martin), Bert Remsen (Becket Sharpe), Tom Gilson (Duneboy), Frank London (King), Carol Veazie (Mrs. Lapingham), Ralph Reed (Phil), Roger Bacon (Rick)
Teleplay by Sonya Roberts, Story by William Pugsley and Sonya Roberts; Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

The head of Empire Studios hires Jeff to keep an eye on the star of his next picture who's got a drinking problem as well as possibly being an accessory to murder. He's sending her to a posh desert spa. Suzanne goes out to the all-women resort as a guest, and Jeff as a singer who entertains the clientele.
Kathleen Crowley (Claire Dickens), Dorothy Green, Lisa Gaye (Janet Hubbell), Elizabeth Allen (Paula Stacy), Vana Leslie (Sandra Philips), Jason Evers (Waco Tate), Jack Mather (J. J. Hale)
Written by Charles Sinclair & William Finger; Directed by Robert Douglas
Roger Smith sings 'Bon Soir, Madame' at the spa resort with the incredible name, El Rancho Aphrodite.

Jeff is hounded by a crazed psychopath who calls himself R. E. Venge, who's been waiting five years to kill him. After a series of frustratingly mysterious notes, a package of red and yellow cloth and an exploding car, Gil insists on round-the-clock protection, but Jeff and Stu feel that using Jeff as bait is the only way to draw Venge out.
Robert Colbert (R. E. Venge), Robert Logan (J. R. ['Bob' in the credits]), Tim Graham (Ezra Hawkins), Jack Edwards (Jonathan Parsons [Parson in dialogue]), Robert B. Williams (Harley), Olan Soulé (Station Master)
Written by Montgomery Pittman & Roger Smith; Directed by george waGGner
We learn Jeff was a POW in Korea. There's a really nice club car train set, probably done for a movie on the lot.

Was Connie Kenwood's uncle killed by a mobster 15 years ago? That's what she hires Stu to find out. Stu finds the mobster, but has little luck locating the uncle, who has supposedly been in hiding all these years.
Jay Novello (Wendall Holbrook/Jason Plumstone), Dawn Wells (Connie Kenwood), Elisha Cook Jr. (Alfred 'Pony' Quist), Ted DeCorsia (Goddard), Adrienne Marden (Cora Mapes)
Written by Howard Browne; Directed by Richard H. Bartlett
An Inverness Cape is the sort of coat worn by Basil Rathbone in the Sherlock Holmes movies.

Jeff gets tangled up with a body on a Bel Air patio, $80,000 in jewelry, a sleep walker and a client who has designs on the handsome Mr. Spencer. Hindering his investigation are an older woman and a pesky kid.
Linda Watkins (Mama Embry), Merry Anders (Lally Embry), Nina Shipman (Rita Embry), Tom Brown (Lou Maxton), Charles Herbert (Lester Embry), Stephen Chase (Dr. Blainey)
Teleplay by Whitman Chambers, Story by Louis M. Heyward; Directed by Richard H. Bartlett

The fleeting nature of fame is the theme as Stu and Kookie investigate daring jewel thefts from Hollywood moguls by an agile thief in screen disguises. The detectives discover a former star of silent films who is desperately seeking fame again. Is he the thief?
John Dehner (Roland Dumont), Tris Coffin (Terry Wilson), Lori Kaye (Ginger), Norma Varden (Mrs. Hotchkiss), Grandon Rhodes (Sam Hotchkiss), John Zaremba (Harvey)
Written by Frederic Brady; Directed by george waGGner

BIG BOY BLUE (11/3/61)
A talent agent rescues a gifted trumpet player from a Mexican jail and has Bailey & Spencer run a routine check on his past. They turn up nothing, so why does the man seem so frightened--as if he's running from something?
Biff Elliot (Buddy Blue), Maureen Leeds (Lorna Day), Jerry Paris (Tom Gardiner), Angela Green (Polly Deegan), John Duke (Lee Santly), Benny Baker (Sam Calloway), Mikki Jamison (Gloria)
Written by Dean Riesner; Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

Three men boldly rob the Chase Chemical Co. just after the payroll's been delivered. It's obviously an inside job when only two of the three depart while the other doffs his disguise and goes into his office. The company's insurance company smells a rat and sends Stu to San Francisco to investigate.
Mikki Jamison (Missy), Mari Blanchard (Jane Wiley), John Archer (David Wiley), Robert McQueeney (Messler), Damian O'Flynn (Cushing), Gregg Dunn (Hayes), Ralph Manza (Dietz)
Written by Bernie Giler; Directed by Leslie Goodwins

Kookie and Jeff are out to protect the life of their godchild from a vengeful gangster who doesn't want the kid to go on living.
Bernie Fein (San Traynor), Shary Layne (Ginny), Bob Hogan (Chet Willis/Willis Shephard), Grace Lee Whitney (April), Harry Lauter (Duke), William Phipps (Blair), Frank Scannell (Harry)
Teleplay by Laszlo Gorog, Story by Don C. Richman; Directed by Michael O'Herlihy

A minister friend of Stu's, whose parish is in a rough part of town, is determined to make a difference. He chooses a juvenille delinquent and believes he can reform him from his gang membership and a life of crime, and asks Stu's help. Stu feels he doesn't have either the time or qualifications for this job. A big jewel robbery intervenes and it takes the whole staff of Bailey & Spencer to sort things out--including the kid.
David Winters (Speed Minton), Kathie Browne (Mary Minton), Ken Mayer (Dr. McElroy), Don O'Kelly (Nate Minton), Billy Curtis (Monk Carter)
Written by Leonard Lee; Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

An exhausted musical group climbs out of its bus at four a.m. in Sacramento. Within minutes, one of them is nearly run down by a hit-and-run driver. Shawnee Wallis, wife of the clarinetist who had the close call, hires old pal Jeff to investigate.
Lee Philips (Gandy Waters), Janet DeGore (Shawn McCallum), Kaye Elhardt (Irene McCallum), Adam Williams (Axel Derwent), Jesse White (Marvin Heywood), George Petrie (Flaherty), Ed Knight (Chris Kern)
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Leslie Goodwins

In a unique episode with no other actors, Stuart Bailey must do battle with only a phantom voice after being assaulted and transported to a ghost town.
Robert Douglas [uncredited] (Phantom Voice)
Teleplay by Montgomery Pittman, Story by Charles Sinclair & William Finger; Directed by Montgomery Pittman

THE NAVY CAPER (12/15/61)
Jeff re-joins the Navy but doesn't see the world. He's actually hired to test security and he elists the help of Suzanne, Kookie and Roscoe to help him test the precautions in place for the movement of a highly classified and secret new computer. In other words, they're to try and steal it.
Ellen McRae (Betty Benson), Simon Scott (Capt. Bill Ivers), Grace Raynor (Carla Beaufort), Edward Kemmer (Lt. Com. Don Tyson), Addison Richards (Adm. Frederick Benson), Buzz Martin (Harold Rogers), Richard Reeves (Sergeant MacNamara)
Written by Richard Newhafer; Directed by Robert Sparr

Nobody loves a parade when someone tries to kill St. Nick during the Hollywood Santa Claus Lane Parade. But her studio thinks a famous actress, Pauline Grant, is really the target and hires Jeff to find out. It's after another attempt at the Pasadena Rose Parade that Jeff really starts digging among her two ex-husbands, daughter, friends and co-workers.
Marilyn Maxwell (Pauline Grant), John Howard (David Bonner), Gerald Mohr (Artie Henneghan), Victor Buono (Charlie Case), Yvonne Craig (Kristan Royal), Ed Prentiss (Walter Kridler)
Written by James O'Hanlon; Directed by george waGGner
The actual Santa Claus Lane Parade is shown on Hollywood Blvd, though in recent years, it has gone down Sunset Blvd..

Stu, Kookie and Roscoe join the hot rod set to help a wealthy young man whose uncle attempts to extort money from him.
Charles Robinson (Drake Evans), Vaughn Taylor (John Montaigne), Max Baer (Eddie Morgan), Floydean Smith (Lou Morgan), Paul Carr (Eddie Morgan), Paul Langton (Mark Evans), Martin West (Dave Billings), Julie van Zandt (Hortense)
Written by Frederic Brady; Directed by Robert Douglas

A client has Jeff deliver a package of jewels in Australia. All goes well and the trip is enhanced when he meets a wealthy and beautiful woman who begs him to check out the bonafides of a man who has offered her big money for a seemingly worthless plot of land.
Victoria Shaw (Margaret Hughes), Michael Pate (Reggie Waddick), Ronald Long (Harlan Kreger), Hilda Plowright (Mrs. Whittiker), Pat Waddick (Paddy), Michael St. Clair (Waiter), Gil Stuart (Policeman), Gil Perkins (Inspector)
Written by Roger Smith; Directed by Michael O'Herlihy
Roger Smith was married at the time to actress Victoria Shaw.

Stu finds himself in a small Oklahoma town with no wallet, no memory of who he is or why he's there. He finds a sympathetic waitress named Moxie Miller at a local diner and a helpful sheriff, who runs his picture in the local paper and sends his prints to the Feds. Then a woman shows up, claiming he's her husband Roger Morley. They were on their honeymoon when he disappeared.
Elizabeth MacRae (Bette), Evans Evans (Moxie Miller), Med Flory (Boone Academy), Adam Williams (Spud Meritson), William Windom (Calvin Otterman), Burt Mustin (Kibitzer)
Written by Roger Smith & Montgomery Pittman; Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

Jeff and Roscoe help a group of old friends who are down on their luck. The group bought a dilapidated mansion but now an unscrupulous group of realtors is trying to force them out.
Mae Questal (Cuddles McGee), Biff Elliott (Moose Barker), Lewis Charles (Rocky Craig), Grace Lee Whitney (Mimi Frazer), Stanley Clements (Red Jackson), Hal Baylor (Vic Felton), David Winters (Mimmy Pope), John Hubbard (George Lee)
Written by Warren Douglas; Directed by george waGGner

U.N. delegate Dr. Feld, a wartime friend of Stu's, asks for his help as a big vote comes up and he's under pressure to vote a certain way. His daughter's been threatened and Bailey & Spencer's staff tries to keep her safe. Dr. Feld has reason to worry: last year when he didn't cave in to similar pressure, his wife was killed.
Chad Everett (Ross), John van Dreelen (Volta), Carolyn Craig (Michelle), Anna Lee (Lela Franklin), Henry Brandon (Benin), Oscar Beregi (Hugo), Amy Douglass (Mrs. Gray), Edward Colmans (Dr. Feld)
Written by Catherine Kuttner; Directed by Sidney Salkow

Jeff's job is keeping the press out of the Las Vegas wedding of millionaire Steve Culver and his "Cinderella," Kathy Bristol, who soon proves to have a past which involves a whiskey-sodden ex-rodeo performer who is short of cash and wants a wedding gift from the bride.
Diane [Dyan] Cannon (Kathy), Jack Cassidy (Dick Amador), Anna Capri (Karen Bristol), Forrest Compton (Steve Culver), Bartlett Robinson (Dean Hartley), Donald Barry (Frank Sully), Don Wilbanks (Monte Robins), Thomas Jackson (Uncle Byron)
Written by John K. Butler & Budd Lesser; Directed by Gene Reynolds

A hitchhiker gets a ride into town with Kookie after his prior ride leaves him in Ventura. But Danny Belmont has made careful note of the Beverly Hills address of the first driver. That night, he's caught stealing the jewels from the house, saying the guy who picked him up put him up to it. But it's not the same man. And his wife is dead on the floor, the gun near Danny.
Joan Tabor (Dolores Carlysle), Robert Ivers (Danny Belmont), Zeme North (Tina), Simon Scott (Brad Kelem), Milton Frome (Walter Glascoe), Marjorie Bennett (Arlene Glascoe), Susan Hart (Bobbie [Photographer]), John Zaremba (Vernon) and The Frankie Ortega Trio
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Paton Price

Stu ventures into "the wilds of Bel Air" to help the daughter of a deceased big game hunter. Laurie Cameron recently took over the investing of her estate and the former trustee is concerned that she's wildly speculating in the market. In addition, two poor relations who live in the house are worried Laurie will throw away her inheritance...and their part of it. Meanwhile, everyone's worried about a hermit who sneaks around stealing groceries.
Jackie Russell (Laurei Cameron), Wynn Pearce (Henry Walden [The Hermit]), Byron Foulger (Clyde Greenfield), Collette Lyons (Fay Greenfield), Tol Avery (Harlin Wheeler), Harry Holcombe (Ben Harvey), Larry Blake (Clarence), Charles Tannen (String), James Millhollin (A. J. Flower)
Written by Mae Malotte; Directed by george waGGner

Jeff is off on a case for a society belle, who is worried about her brother, while Kookie is investigating a waterfront murder and illegal gun running. Neither suspects the two cases are connected.
Allison Hayes (Marianne Winston), Carlos Romero (Cesar Martinez), Lisa Montell (Lucita Martinez), John Gabriel (Dennis Winston), Danielle de Metz (Nina Ziretti), Barry Kelly (Crossman), Gregg Palmer (Donovan), Armand Alzamora (Dante Fiora)
Written by Richard L. Newhafer; Directed by Leslie H. Martinson

TWICE DEAD (3/2/62)
Ex-con Tom Lansing is jailed for the murder of his wife and Stu has the job of sorting out an intricate puzzle involving Lansing's daughter, business partner and ex-wife as well a false confession.
Sharon Hugueny, Karl Swenson, Margaret Hayes, Kent Smith, Charles Seel
Written by Lee Loeb; Directed by Richard H. Bartlett

JENNIFER (3/9/62)
When two tragic accidents claim the lives of both Jennifer Grey's rich father and her royal husband, Jeff takes the next plane to Paris to check on her welfare. In the family chateau, Jeff encounters a grasping matriarch, a playboy who wants a title and a lot of money which seems to be missing.
Claire Griswold (Jennifer Grey), Donald Woods (Gilbert Cannon), Fabrizio Mioni (Edouard de Marivaux/Tristan de Marivaux), Lili Valenty (Madame de Marivaux), Alberto Morin (Inspector Rayolle), Norman DuPont (Airport Clerk), Marcel de la Brosse (Taxi Driver), Carolyn Lasater (Enid Stuart)
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Marc Lawrence

Stu and Roscoe enjoy a day at the races upon the completion of a case. But they immediately have to track down some stolen paintings and a very ingenious criminal as Stu dons his deerstalker cap and Roscoe assumes the roll of the imperturbable Dr. Watson.
Andrew Duggan (Sommers), Maurice Dalimore (Brookfield), Walter Burke (Riordan), Tudor Owen (Inspector MacGregor, CID), Richard Peel (Steevens), Lester Matthews (Mr. Craythorpe), Richard Lupino (Jackson), George Pelling (Newton), Gil Stuart (Albert)
Written by Brevarde & Leonard Lee; Directed by Robert Douglas

Roscoe's nine lives are about up when he gets caught between a hoodlum bent on murder and a hired gun. It takes Jeff's fancy footwork to extricate him.
James Best (Babe Mackie), Christine Nelson (Lucille Varner), Richard Karlan (Frank Blake), Alan Baxter (Harvey Simms), Norman Alden (Lee Mallory), Richard X. Slattery (Lieut. Chase), Roland LaStarza (Lippy Torrance), Hope Summers (Mrs. Bell)
Written by Whitman Chambers; Directed by Charles R. Rondeau

A series of truck hijackings places Roscoe as a fry cook in a truck stop diner, Kookie as a relief driver, and Jeff as the brains behind the gig. The owner of a truck fleet is desperate, but Jeff hasn't found a single clue. But there's a rumor among the drivers that another trucking firm may be involved.
Philip Carey (Mac Maguire), Virginia Vincent (Rosalie Pierce), Mala Powers (Margo Latimer), Paul Birch (Zachary Latimer), Frank Ferguson (Saul Gantry), Robert Gothie (Charles Voorhees), Robert Foulk (Sheriff Pedersen), James Gavin (Dan Voorhees)
Teleplay by A. I. Bezzerides and Gloria Elmore, Story by Gloria Elmore; Directed by Al Rafkin

A murder is committed during a $2 million robbery which has all the trademarks of hood Nickey Madrid. The trouble is, Madrid was deported five years ago. Stu cozies up to one of Madrid's old girlfriends to solve the case.
Michael Pate (Nickey Madrid/Andrew Cornell), Jo Morrow (Glory Bee), Angela Greene (Martha Cornell), J. Edward McKinley (Gregg MacCauley), Jerry Strong (Sergeant Moran), Bert Remsen (Unfriendly Jones), Kathy Bennett (Georgia Cornell), Greg Benedict (Reporter)
Written and directed by george waGGner

THE STEERER (4/13/62)
What's going on at the Portola Hotel? When a poker game gets nasty, gunshots ring out and one of the men ends up in Betsy Howard's room. She hides him, but when she complains, she's evicted. Meanwhile, her parents in Terre Haute hire Kookie to find her.
Pamela Austin (Betsy Howard), Robert Lowery (Leo McClosky), Tom Gilson (Harmie Sinclair), John Duke (Ollie York), Vic Perrin (Quayle), Gregg Dunn (Maxie)
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Francis Lederer

Teen singing idol Johnny Main dies and a crowd of thousands panics at his funeral when his voice and spectral image appear. His widow is also haunted by his voice. Jeff plants J.R. among the hi-fi set and busts the ghost.
Kathie Browne (Barbara Main), Chick Chandler (Eddie Carlisle), Jennifer West (Amy Tyler), Gary Vinson (Rod Jenning), Peter Leeds (Phil Kneighler), Zack Foster (Fan Club Member)
Written by Paul Schneider; Directed by Charles R. Rondeau

A kidnapper hits a hole in one when he snatches a national leader off a golf course fairway. Not only that, the kidnapper has a foolproof plan for escaping with the $1 million in ransom.
John Dehner (Dr. Burke), Mike Road (Bill Frost), John Litel (Distinguished Visitor), Jerome Cowan (Harvey Williams), Med Flory (Chief Brock), Bob Hogan (Kurt), Stephen Roberts (Stanley Warren), Victor Buono (Stanison), John Dennis (Ross), Nestor Paiva (Brother Jonathan)
Teleplay by Lawrence Kimble, Story by Frederic Brady; Directed by Sidney Salkow

Jeff tries his best not to be an ugly American when he delivers a legacy to a small Italian village. But his flirtation with a local schoolteacher escalates the Yanqui Go Home mentality. He must prevent the theft of the legacy and clear his name.
Lisa Gaye (Angela Ciardi), Nico Minardos (Lorenzo Ferrante), Renzo Cesana (Mayor Ferrante), John Marley (Stas), Marianna Hill (Silvana Mello), Penny Santon (Signora Mello), Herman Rudin (Bruno), Belle Mitchell (1st Harpy)
Written by Richard de Roy, William P. D'Angelo; Directed by Michael O'Herlihy

It seems like a routine job when Bailey & Spencer is hired to protect valuable jewels during a gallery sale, but before their eyes, the gems are stolen, someone is murdered and the agency's reputation plummets.
Joanna Moore (Justine Davis), Marcel Hillaire (Inspector Philipe Bordeaux), Oliver McGowan (Jason MacKinter), Richard X. Slattery (Lt. Chuck Brand), George Petrie (Ree Singh), Julie Van Zandt (Mrs. Ree Singh), James Milhollin (Allenby Palmer), June Lang (Bessie O'Hara), Robert Harris (Augie)
Teleplay by Lawrence Kimble, Story by Lawrence Kimble and Fred Roy Schiller; Directed by Robert Sparr

Jeff's bringing back an errant heiress from Latin America when the plane is skyjacked. To get the plane and its passengers back on U.S. soil, Jeff must depend on a soon-to-be-shot political leader and a child near death.
Philip Carey (Captain Glen Shore), Susan Seaforth (Faith Merrick), Mario Alcalde (Bexar), Joe De Santis (General Gutierrez), Elaine Devry (Jennie Day), William Schallert (Steve Alexander), Stacy Harris (Carpie), Don Megowan (Jason McKendrick), Gale Garnett (Velia), Iphigenie Castiglioni (Angela Jimenez), Rico Alaniz (Colonel Luna), Rafael Lopez (Chula Jimenez)
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Robert Douglas
Escondido is, of course, a city in Southern California.

It's not a dress rehearsal, it's opening night for Kookie as he is left in sole charge of the office. A tearful client calls about a missing person and Kookie's off up the coast to a wealthy Santa Barbara suburb. But when he gets there, the only thing that's missing is a dog.
Natalie Schafer (Aunt Ellie [Mrs. Eleanor Fraser), Diane Jergens (Debbie Fraser), Hanley Stafford (Adm. Thomas Kyle, USN Ret.), Richard Carlyle (Wayne Fraser), John Astin (Martin Grosch), Lisabeth Hush (Audrey Lawrence), Majel Barrett (Ilsa Grosch), Julie Van Zandt (Kitty Fraser), Douglas Henderson (Dr. Robert Lawrence), Robert Christopher (Kirk Fraser)
Written by Brevarde & Leonard Lee; Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

The badge is Lt. Gilmore's and the frame's for him too. It's mobster Norm Leach vs. Gil, and when a dying man tells Gil that Leach killed him, the only witness turns out to have been bought off by the murderer and Gil looks like he's not only lying, but unduly harassing Leach. Leach tries to hire Jeff to clear his name.
Richard Devon (Norm Leach), Irene Hervey (Ellen Gilmore), Tom Drake (Owen Harris), Harry Holcombe (Captain Reynolds), Allyson Daniell (Sheri Morgan), Gregg Palmer (Murph Brady), The Frankie Ortega Trio [uncredited]
Written by Ken Pettus; Directed by george waGGner

A number of small businesses along the Strip are victims of extortion--or their shops get bombed. But the wife of the owner of Hank's Burgersville, Helen Schmidt, decides it's time to bring in the guys from Bailey and Spencer.
Larry Ward (Paul Landers), Joan Marshall (Vicky Landers), Frank de Kova (Jack Bent), Jean Allison (Helen Schmidt), Hal Baylor (Hank Schmidt), Grant Richards (Jerry Rossi), Paul Genge (John Collins), Jonathan Hole (Mr.Benton)
Written by Lawrence Kimble; Directed by Sidney Salkow

UPBEAT (6/15/62)
In New Orleans, Stu is about to leave town when he sees a woman in his hotel lobby he swears is a woman he knows as Nora Shirley. But she ignores his greeting and drives off. Stu vows to find her and either marry her or turn her over to the police. But Nora is in league with his nemesis from the "Downbeat" case, Hendrick Van Horn.
Dorothy Provine (Nora Shirley), Andrew Duggan (Cal Calhoun), John van Dreelen (Van Horn), Norman Alden (Rene), Eddie Fontaine (Prelle), Eugene Borden (Laurent), Gregory Gay (Clerk), Ruben Moreno (Ruis), Roberto Contreras (Chavez), Grady Sutton (Doorman), Henry Wills (Jean)
Written by Montgomery Pittman and Maurita Pittman; Directed by Montgomery Pittman
This is a logical episode title, given the first season's 'Downbeat' (which this is, in effect, a sequel to) and the jazzy theme of the show. Duggan appears as Cal Calhoun, formerly of Bourbon Street Beat.

NIGHTMARE (6/22/62)
Psychiatrist Dr. Abby Ryner's patient has a recurring dream of meeting and killing a beautiful woman. It's Jeff who discovers it's jealousy which forms the real basis of the nightmare.
Peter Breck (Mark Wade), Anna-Lisa (Dr. Abby Ryner), Robert Brubaker (Shafton), Andrea King (Charmain Dubois), Robert Cleaves (Clinton Colyer), Diane Breck (Lissa Collyer, Miss 'L'), Edgar Barrier (Baron)
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Robert Douglas

This time, a cop asks Bailey & Spencer's help when his son starts running with a rebellious and dangerous pool hustler. Kookie infiltrates the gang to get close to the boy.
Sammy Davis Jr. (Kid Pepper), Peter Brown (Timmy Ellison), Dick Foran (Lt. Ellison), Roy Glenn (Big John Pepper), Sammy Davis Sr. (Cashier), Jim Waters (Checker)
Written and directed by James Komack

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