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Evita Onstage Evita Onstage Evita Onstage

When Tim Rice got the idea for a musical about Eva Perón, there were two books in English about her, both highly critical, and a more balanced television program by Argentine exile Carlos Pasini. The rest was rumor and dozens of violently anti-Peronist books published in Spanish during the decades of military dictatorship that followed Juan Perón's overthrow in 1955.

The concept album for Evita was written before 1976 and was based on the information available at the time. Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber were both lauded and villified for glorifying the wife of a fascist dictator--who was loved by millions. The popularity of the musical sparked a worldwide interest in the Peróns and the publication of a hundred books, most far more accurate and objective than any previously available.

What Evita does, better than anything else, is show the incredible charisma, power, frailties, fear and corruption of the most famous woman in Latin America.

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