CHICAGO (1980)

Again, an unprecedented move: with ticket sales in Los Angeles hot, a second touring company was started in September with the first L.A. alternate, Valerie Perri, heading it. A charismatic John Herrera was found to play Che and Robb Alton played Perón. He would later play the part with Florence Lacey on her tour.

Tim Rice and David Land were on hand for the opening (Andrew was not) and the show again was a crowd pleaser but no more so than the opening night party at the Palmer House. There was a huge ice sculpture in the shape of the logo in the center of the room and the orchestra played tangos all evening.

Valerie's company would have a nice run in the Windy City, then tour. But the production team had the first foreign language versions of the show on tap and all eyes were aimed toward those.

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