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COLLECTING HAPA HAOLE SONGS: This website is no longer being updated, but it contains all the lyrics the webmaster has found. Please don't write asking for songs that are not on the website. The webmaster does not have ANY sheet music or ukulele chords.

If you are looking for a recording of any song written in the 1916-1929 period, chances are there was never a recording made. Sales of sheet music were the way a song was distributed and if popular, it may have been performed on the radio. These songs, generally by mainland composers, were novelties at the time and had very limited recorded exposure. >> (Continue reading "Collecting Hapa Haole Songs")

The Bird of Paradise Sheet Music BACKGROUND
Until 1912, most Hawaiian songs were written in the Hawaiian language. That year, a stage play opened on Broadway, Bird of Paradise, which featured five Hawaiian musicians. Songs included in the show were "Mauna Kea," "Old Plantation (Kuu Home)" and "Waialae." The play was a success, and The New York Times called the music "weirdly sensuous." The play toured extensively and has been filmed twice.

Then in 1915 a troupe of Hawaiian entertainers went to the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in San Francisco and, in the Territory of Hawaii pavilion, the main attraction proved to be a show of Hawaiian music and hula performed by The Royal Hawaiian Quartette, led by George E. K. Awai.
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Hapa Haole music was disseminated mainly by Hawaiian performers who either performed in Waikiki showrooms or who spent decades away from their beloved home touring the Mainland. A database of many musicians and dancers is here and will be updated in the future. My personal favorite Hapa Haole songs are listed here.

Huapala, the Hawaiian music lyric site is a treasured resource.
A really creative source for information about Hawaiian music and performers is the Hawaiian Music Directory

Harry B. Soria's "Territorial Airwaves" program of pre-statehood Hawaiian music can now be heard online at hawaiian105.com.
The best Hawaiian music station currently on the air (and live online) is am940.

Hawaiian Music and Hula Archives Mele.com Hawaiian Music Directory
Hapa Haole Festival am940

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Though it is common today to use the Hawaiian language's diacritical marks (e.g. Hawai'i), we have not done so. Some of these symbols are not available in even the most common fonts and during the period covered by this website, were not used at all.

Where sheet music or recordings of songs are available, the LP, 45, 78, cassette or CD is listed and if still in print, links have been provided to sources for these recordings and sheet music. Known to every Hawaiian musician is Harry's Music Store, 3457 Waialae Ave., Kaimuki, (808) 735-2866. It's an astounding source, for out-of-print sheet music (it's their original stock!), CDs and all things relating to Hawaiian music and musicians.

A great lover of island music is Larry W. Jones. His website showcases his own compositions and he has contributed much material to this website.

This site would not have been possible without the help of Kawika Trask and Keao Costa, two superb Hawaiian musicians who are among the few who truly strive to keep this kind of music alive.

Anyone interested in Hapa Haole and Hawaiian music at its finest is encouraged to stop by the Halekulani Hotel's beachside bar any evening from 5:30-8:30 p.m. where several groups of island musicians perform, including sensational steel guitarist Alan Akaka. Dancing with them is one of the loveliest hula dancers in Hawaii, Kanoe Miller.

And much aloha for the kokua from my kumu hula, Pohai Souza, and my hula sisters of Halau Hula Kamamolikolehua.

Lastly, this site is dedicated with love and aloha to Dorothy Fonte, Gard Kealoha, Gerry Robinson and Jimmy Ai

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