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by Sylvia Stoddard

Down Argentine Way

Television Writer

Simon & Simon
Over My Dead Body
Magnum, p.i.
TV Movies
The Hat Squad
Night Wind
Duty to Warn
Killer Instinct

Gilligan's Island (St. Martin's, 1996)
The Brady Bunch (St. Martin's, 1996)
The Mary Tyler Moore Show (St. Martin's, 1997)

DVD Audio Commentaries
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (Fox Studio Classics, 2004)
Anastasia (Fox Studio Classics, 2004)
Titanic (Fox Studio Classics, 2004)
Return to Peyton Place (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
The Best of Everything (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
Sun Valley Serenade (Fox Marquee Musicals. 2006)
Down Argentine Way (Fox Marquee Musicals. 2006)

DVD Liner Notes
A Letter to Three Wives (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
Leave Her to Heaven (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
Return to Peyton Place (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
Anna and the King of Siam (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
The Best of Everything (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
The Razor's Edge (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
Call Northside 777 (Fox Film Noir, 2005)
Laura (Fox Film Noir, 2005)
Panic in the Streets (Fox Film Noir, 2005)
House of Bamboo (Fox Film Noir, 2005)
Kiss of Death (Fox Film Noir, 2005)
Nightmare Alley (Fox Film Noir, 2005)
In Old Chicago (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
Whirlpool (Fox Film Noir, 2005)
The House on 92nd Street (Fox Film Noir, 2005)
Somewhere in the Night (Fox Film Noir, 2006)
Where the Sidewalk Ends (Fox Film Noir, 2006)
The Rains Came (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
Orchestra Wives (Fox Studio Classics, 2005)
Pinky (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Stormy Weather (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Island in the Sun (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Daddy Long Legs (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Pin-Up Girl (Fox Marquee Musicals, 2006)
The House on Telegraph Hill (Fox Film Noir, 2006)
Fallen Angel (Fox Film Noir, 2006)
The Dark Corner (Fox Film Noir, 2006)
No Way Out (Fox Film Noir, 2006)
The Longest Day (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Patton (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Down Argentine Way (Fox Marquee Musicals, 2006)
My Blue Heaven (Fox Marquee Musicals, 2006)
The Dolly Sisters (Fox Marquee Musicals, 2006)
Moon Over Miami (Fox Marquee Musicals, 2006)
Charlie Chan in Shanghai (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Charlie Chan in London (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Charlie Chan in Paris (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Charlie Chan in Egypt (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Love Me Tender (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
The Big Noise (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Jitterbugs (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Great Guns (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
Shock (Fox Film Noir, 2006)
Vicki (Fox Film Noir, 2006)
Fourteen Hours (Fox Film Noir, 2006)

Current projects include bylined essays for DVD inserts for Fox Cinema Classics and Marquee Musicals.
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
The Girl Can't Help It (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
The Sheriff of Fractured Jaw (Fox Cinema Classics, 2006)
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (Fox Studio Classics)
My Friend, Flicka (Fox Cinema Classics)
Thunderhead, Son of Flicka (Fox Cinema Classics)
Green Grass of Wyoming (Fox Cinema Classics)
Phar Lap (Fox Cinema Classics)
The Gang's All Here (Fox Marquee Musicals)
Wild in the Country (Fox Cinema Classics)
Flaming Star (Fox Cinema Classics)
Bedazzled (Fox Cinema Classics)
Lucky Lady (Fox Cinema Classics)
Two For the Road (Fox Cinema Classics)
Charley's Aunt (Fox Cinema Classics)
The Meanest Man in the World (Fox Cinema Classics)
The Bible (Fox Cinema Classics)
Francis of Assisi (Fox Cinema Classics)
Demetrius and the Gladiators (Fox Cinema Classics)
The Robe (Fox Cinema Classics)
The Agony and the Ecstasy (Fox Cinema Classics)

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TV Chronicles
Big Reel
Movie Collector's World
South Bay Daily News

Journal of the Latin American Studies Historical Conference

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