Richard Diamond


(also ran as Call Mr. D when in syndication)
77 episodes, CBS, NBC, July 1957 - September 1960
Produced by Hal Heilwell
Production executive - Frank Baur
Editorial Supervision - Bernard Burton
Supervising Art Director - Bill Ross
Director of Photography - Joe Biroc, A.C.E.
Production Manager - Jack Sontag
Titles - Maurice Binder
Set Decoration - Budd S. Friend
Production Company - Four Star Productions

David Janssen - Richard Diamond
Regis Toomey - Lt. Dennis "Mac" McGough
Russ Conway - Lt. Pete Kile
Richard Devon - Sgt. Alden
Mary Tyler Moore [as Mary Moore] [uncredited] - Sam
Roxane Brooks [uncredited] - Sam

The always likable David Janssen stared in Richard Diamond, Private Detective. An ex-cop, his pal in the department (Mac) helped him a lot, as did his mobile telephone (A first? Amos Burke had one some years later on Burke's Law) which connected him to 'Sam' at 'Hi-Fi Answering Service,' who served as his receptionist and secretary and worried about him. We never saw her face, only her legs and the sound of her sensual voice. It was unclear whether Diamond ever saw her--whenever he'd try to make a date, she'd beg off.

The first season was set in New York, while the remaining episodes were set in Los Angeles, where Diamond got a new police contact (Pete). This was a 30-minute show, which validates Roy Huggins' claim that 77 Sunset Strip was the first hourlong private eye series.

This series stands alone in having the most confusing run and most confusing episode titles. Shows were often scheduled to air at the last minute, making TV Guide, the classic television historian's best friend, unreliable. Reruns were often listed as first run shows. The series also began its run in the summer, when a new show didn't get as much ink or attention. In addition, many episodes had two titles or more. The titles used as the primary ones here are those used by Internet Movie Data Base. The alternate titles usually come from TV Guide and newspaper television magazines. There were several attempts to establish title conventions during the run--the first episode was called 'The Mickey Farmer Case' and many others bore the name of their primary character, but these titles didn't survive to become official. Then in 1959, writer John Robinson wrote a half dozen episodes with two-word titles ['The Client,' 'The Hoodlum,' etc.], but that style didn't stick either.


The Mickey Farmer Case
Written by Richard Carr, Directed by Roy Del Ruth
Regis Toomey, Christopher Dark (Mickey Farmer), Lewis Charles (Weasel), Bill Erwin (Sergeant Riker), Virginia Stefan (Sally), Vic Perrin (Smith)

Cheryll Callaway (Marjorie Bullock)

Escape From Oak Lane
Christine White (Elaine), Jeanette Nolan (Tesla), Hugh Brooke, S. John Launer, Burt Masters

The Homicide Habit
Osa Massen (Janet Morrisey)

The Picture of Fear
Judith Braun (Harriet Talbot/Nancy), George Neise (George Allison/Adams), James Nolan (Harry Carlin)

Hit and Run, aka Hit Man
Regis Toomey, Herschel Bernardi (Chico), Grant Richards (Joe Wells), Tommy Cook (Baron) [as Tom Cook), Nick Dennis, Bill Erwin, Dawn Richard (Laurie Gates), Bud Slater

The Big Score, aka The Big Set-Up
Regis Toomey, John Eldredge (Graham), Don Keefer, Robert Carson

The Chess Player
Vaughn Taylor (Julian Tyler), Catherine McLeod, Lawrence Dobkin, Ross Elliott, Jonathan Hole, Madeline Holmes, George Baxter

The Torch Carriers, aka Torch Carrier
Written by Gene Levitt, Directed by Bernard Kowalski
Regis Toomey, Phyllis Avery (Nancy [Cooper]), Gloria Saunders (Virginia Malcolm), John Beradino (Marty Stopka), John Doucette (Corky)

The Pete Rocco Case, aka Prison Break
Regis Toomey, Charles Bronson (Dan Rocco), Bill Erwin, Marga Ann Deighton, Richard Devon, Marvin Press, Anne Neyland

Venus of Park Avenue
Original Story by George Worthing Yates; Teleplay by David T Chantler, Directed by Mark Sandrich, Jr.,
Julie Van Zandt (Alex Bauer), Edgar Barrier (Durant), Addison Richards (Evanson), Harry Harvey, Sr. (Chambers), Ivan Bonar (Vance), Betty Harford (Vera)

The Merry-Go-Round Case
Regis Toomey, James Best (Jack Milhoan), Nancy Marshall (Marilyn Milhoan), William Leicester (Rupert Miller), Lugene Sanders (Eve Miller), Gloria Winters (Jane Thomas), Lennie Bremen

The Space Society
Luis Van Rooten (Mr. Grant), Douglas Dick, Ellen Corby, Stephen Chase, Eddie Quillan, Bruce MacFarlane, Mark Roberts, Chet Stratton

The Dark Horse, aka Danny Boy, The Allison Garvey Case,
Written by David T. Chantler, Directed by Leigh Jason
Frances Mercer (Allison Garvey), Russ Conway (Alec Bruce), Jack Elam (Danny), Robert Shayne (Mike Coleman), Larry Thor (Michaud), David Alpert (Dean)

The Payoff, aka Discretion is the Better Part of XX
Doris Dowling (Marion Carl), Bartlett Robinson (Otto Carl), Peter Hansen, Henry Corden, Robert Jordan, Al Avalon, Jay Adler, Barbara Pepper

Double Jeopardy, aka Framed
Fredd Wayne, Barbara Eiler (Mrs. Tanner),Robert Burton (Fred Hart),Tom Greenway (Lieutenant Peters),Hugh Sanders (Lew Granger), Lewis Martin, Albie Gaye

Arson, aka One for the Books
Written by Ellis Arnold, Directed by Leigh Jason
Regis Toomey, Jay Novello (Beanie), Lester Matthews (Frank Grace), Joe Mell (Fred Wilkin), Robert Foulk (Sal Prince), Sarah Selby (Mrs. Brubaker), Gail Ganley (Celia Deron), William Swan (Jerry Fenton)

The Ed Church Case
Roscoe Karns (Ed Church)

Chinese Honeymoon, aka Trouble In Chinatown, aka East of Danger
Keye Luke (Dr. Lin Chang), Lisa Lu, Ted de Corsia, Weaver Levy, Victor Sen Yung, Peter Chong, Hugh Lawrence, Melinda Marey, James Hong

Rodeo, aka The Ed Murdock Case
Written by Ellis Marcus, Directed by James Sheldon
Regis Toomey, Barbara Baxley (Mary Murdock) , Lee Van Cleef, Harry Lauter, John Compton, George Cisar, Dan Blocker, Bud Slater, Denis Moore

A Cup of Black Coffee
Gloria Talbott, Douglas Fowley, Herb Vigran, Peter Leeds, Joe Haworth

The George Dale Case
Jean Willes, Cathy Case, John Hoyt, Jack Lambert, Art Lewis

Juvenile Jacket
Regis Toomey, Nick Adams, Harry Jackson, Byron Foulger, Steve Terrell, Adrienne Marden, Katharine Warren

Pension Plan, aka The Virgil Twinkham Case
Ed Binns, Jonathan Hole, Alexander Lockwood, Francis DeSales, Alan Wells, Troy Melton, Ken Mayer

Short Haul, aka Hi-Jackers
Sean McClory (Ted O'Malley), Don Beddoe, Ross Elliott, John Cliff, Oliver Gowan, William Tanner, Lane Bradford, Nan Leslie

Another Man's Poison, aka Payment on Demand
Regis Toomey, Claude Akins, Phyllis Coates, Craig Duncan, Paul Bryart, Zina Provendie

The Purple Penguin
Regis Toomey, Chick Chandler, Kasey Rogers, Stacy Harris, Patricia Donahue, John Eldredge (Red Brunter), Manning Ross, George Barrows

Lost Testament
Written by Ellis Arnold Kadison, Directed by Ted Post
Regis Toomey, Bartlett Robinson (Paul Manners), Jocelyn Brando (Celia Saxon), Francis De Sales (Chuck Courtney), Garry Walberg (Chooch Johnson), Walter Barnes (Herbie Sanford), Charles Victor (Bart Saxon), Burt Nelson (Harry Hill), Charles Cirillo (Shoemaker)

The Percentage Takers, aka The Danny Fortune Case
Jack Cassidy, Harry Harvey, Sr., Damian O'Flynn, Marc Platt, Richard Reeves, Gloria Winters, Caroline Richter, Joyce Compton

The Botticelli Miniatures, aka Widow's Walk
Regis Toomey, Christopher Dark, Dorothy Green, Oliver Sands, Charles Horvath, John Dennis, Jack Shea

The Bungalow Murder
Marguerite Chapman, Gordon Jones, Arthur Batanides, John Mitchum, Mark Roberts, Eddie Quillan, Chet Stratton

06.12.58, Cop Killer, aka One Foot in the Grave
Regis Toomey

Snow Queen ,aka Big H
Regis Toomey, Phyllis Avery, Zachary Charles, Robert Quary, George Meader, May Ediss, John Goddard

The George Dale Case,
Regis Toomey, Jean Willes (Madge),Cathy Case, John Hoyt, Jack Lambert, Art Lewis

Picture of Fear
Judith Braun,George N. Neise

Regis Toomey, Cheryl Callaway, Robert Quarry

The Purple Penguin
Regis Toomey, Kasey Rogers, Stacy Harris, Chick Chandler, Patricia Donahue, George Barrows, John Eldredge, Manning Ross (Tonie)

The Big Score
John Eldredge, Don Keefer, Richard Carson, Doris Singleton

Double Jeopardy
Barbara Eiler, Tom Greenway, Robert Burton, Hugh Sanders

Danny Boy, aka The Dark Horse aka The Allison Garvey Case
Frances Mercer, Russ Conway, Jack Elam, Robert Shayne, Larry Thor, David Alpert

01.23.59, Framed, aka Double Jeopardy
Fredd Wayne, Barbara Eiler, Robert Burton, Tom Greenway, Hugh Sanders, Lewis Martin, Albie Gaye

The Sport, aka Killed in a Crash; The Larry Forsythe Case
Richard Carr, Alvin Ganzer, Barbara Bain (Karen), Ross Martin (Gino), Ed Kemmer (Sennett),Irene Hervey (Forsythe),Mort Sahl (as himself)

Pack Rat, aka Junkyard Murder
Barbara Bain, Frank Albertson, Jean Carson, Jon Lormer, Janine Perreau, Jan Stine

Body of the Crime
Barbara Bain, Lawrence Dobkin, Dolores Donlon, Bern Hoffman, Don Durant, Sandy Kenyon

Soft Touch, aka Stay Away from Foreign Affairs aka Truth or Consequences
Teleplay by Jack Kelsey and Albert Rubin, Story by Jack Kelsey, Directed by Andrew McCullough
Corinne Calvet (La Muneca), Barbara Bain (Karen Wells), Celia Lovsky (Senora del Rayo), Berry Kroeger (Raoul Lopez), Ruggero Romor (Luis)

Boomerang Bait, aka The Deneken Case
James Westerfield (McAllister), Jana Lund, Eleanor Audley, Jack Albertson, Peggy Maley, Sandy Kenyon

Matador Murder, aka South of the Border; Mexican Art Swindle
Barbara Bain, Elizabeth Fraser, Chana Eden, Gregory Gay, Manning Ross (Lieutenant Pepe), Peter Mamakos, Richard Carlyle

Murder at the Mansion
James Drury (Harding Jr.), John Hoyt (Harding Sr.), John Harmon (Gardener), Robert Ellenstein (Kirsen)

The Marineland Mystery
Joyce Meadows (Linda), Michael Fox (Paul Schofield), Lewis Charles (Burke), Art Lewis

Charity Affair, aka Charity Bizarre
Nora Hayden, Bartlett Robinson (Clifton), Phillip Pine, Jan Harrison, Ingrid Goude, Patricia Blair

Two For Paradise
Charles Aidman, Willis Bouchey, Chris White, Lee Farr, Russ Bender, Billy Halop, Gil Perkins

Crown of Silla
Written by Gene Levitt, Directed by Lamont Johnson
Abraham Sofaer (Constantine), Gail Kobe (Anne [Mitchell]), John Anderson (Paul Russell), Ben H. Wright (Maxwell), Barbara Stuart (Dee Dennis), Lillian Adams (Goldie)

Jukebox Racketeers aka Jukebox
Ruta Lee, Walter Sande, Joi Lansing, Paul Bryar, Alan Wells, Terry Frost

Echo of Laughter
Jesse White, Karen Sharpe, Michael Strong, Brook Byron, Gordon Polk

The Limping Man
Bethel Leslie, DeForest Kelley, Hillary Brooke, Eric Feldary, Robert E. Nichols

Hideout , aka Kid's Uncle
Written by Ed Adamson, Directed by Thomas Carr
Barry A. Gordon (Tommy Logan), Stacy S. Harris (Frank Marsala), Mary Alan Hokanson (Sister Elizabeth), Nestor Paiva (Axel)

Rough Cut, aka Alcazar Diamond
Steve Brodie, Marcia Henderson, Arthur Batanides, Hayden Rorke, Jan Shepard, Frances Morris, Lou Nova, Jan Harrison, Patricia Blair, Ingrid Goude, Frank Gerstle, Robert W. Quarry

Family Affair, aka Motherly Love
Written by Ed Adamson, Directed by Donald McDougall
Patricia Barry (Claire Provost), Jeanette Nolan (Edna), Marian Collier (Audrey Santell), Richard Reeves (Steve), Harry Bartell (Manager), Sydney Smith (Powers) Lennie Bremen (Barry)

06.21.59,Design for Murder, aka Used
Written by Ed Adamson, Directed by Mark Sandrich, Jr.
Phyllis Avery (Vicki), Laurie Mitchell (Kitty), Edmund Nashim (Otero), Lewis Charles ( Charley Vincent), Ned Glass (Rice), Janet Stewart (Maid)

The Fine Art of Murder
Howard McNear, Joan Banks, Jonathan Hole

The Hoodlum
Written by John Robinson, Directed by Thomas Carr
Russ Conway (Lieutenant Kile), Alan Reed (Paul Trumbo), Peter Leeds (Frank), Adrienne Marden (Mrs. Macpherson), John Alvin (Doc)

Act of Grace
Written by Ed Adamson, Directed by Donald McDougall
Patricia Donahue (Harriet Barnes), William Schallert (Charlie Kane), Mario Siletti (Waldo), Eleanor Audley (Agnes Wilton), Norm Alden (Ben Regan)

The Bookie
Ross Martin, Sherwood Price, Carlos Romero

The Client
Written by John Robinson, Directed by Donald McDougall
Bartlett Robinson (Albert Gunther), Nestor Paiva (Emilio Tomas), Rodolfo Hoyos (Pedro),Carlos Romero (Jose), Sarita Vara (Dolores Flynn), Peter Brocco (Harry Tyler)

The Runaway, aka Mistaken Identity
Written by Ed Adamson, Directed by Donald McDougall
Ross Elliott (Walter Cummings), Maxine Cooper (Edith Belden), Charles Aidman (George Belden), Mark Allen (Detective Harry Tyler), Jonathan Kidd (Carl)

No Laughing Matter
Joey Bishop, Russ Conway, Carole Matthews, Don Haggerty, Saul Corss,Howard D. Ledig

The Messenger
Russ Conway, Richard Devon, Joan Camden, Frank Albertson, Harvey Parry

The Counselor
Written by John Robinson, Directed by Thomas Carr
Russ Conway (Lieutenant Kile), King Donovan (Hamilton Chase), Barbara Pepper (Clara Chase), Gordon W. Jones (Joel Finlay), Art Peterson (Dr. Platt)

The Image
Whitney Blake, Russ Conway, Richard Decon, Olan Soule

The Adjuster
Written by John Robinson, Directed by Thomas Carr
Dick Foran (David Steele), Nancy Valentine (Nancy Porter), Dabbs Greer (Scooter Jaffee), DeForest Kelley (Kenneth Porter)

Marked for Murder, aka Lonely Hearts and Murder
Russ Conway, Ellen Corby, Stacy Graham, Peter Leeds, Patricia Huston, Dave Willock

The Caller, aka 3 Hours to Live
John Robinson, Roberta Haynes (Audrey Billings),Harry Bellaver (Al Burke), Lewis Charles (Joey Able), Richard Devon (Sergeant Alden)

One Dead Cast
Jack Elam, Joan Tabor, Jacqueline Scott, Than Wyenn

The Popskull
Stafford Repp, Chris Alcaide, Robert Karnes, Michael Fox

Dead to the World
Geraldine Brooks,

Seven Swords
Written by William Link and Richard Levinson, Directed by Donald McDougall
Russ Conway (Lieutenant Kyle), Carol Ohmart (Sally Chandler), Jerome Cowan (Marvello), Jeffrey Stone (Larry Manners)

Baby, aka And Whose Little Baby Are You?
Russ Conway, Linda Lawson, Pat Michon, Richard Crane, Wally Brown

Fallen Star
John Lupton, Virginia Vincent, Tommy Farrell, John Hubbard, Dusty Anders, Mickey Simpson

Coat of Arms aka The Key
Written by Don Brinkley, Directed by Donald McDougall
Russ Conway (Lieutenant Kyle), Rita Moreno (Maria Ferrari), Michael Fox (Brother Joshua), James Coburn (Victor Tavo), Rita Duncan (Fay), Robert Bice (Sergeant Alden)

Double Trouble

The Lovely Fraud

Accent on Murder, aka A Poodle Named Jolie
Written by Ed Adamson, Directed by Donald McDougal
Russ Conway, Lilli Kardell (Rita Shearer), Peter Leeds (Waldo Latimer), Nancy Valentine (Lila Bradley), Rico Alvarez (Carlos Rivera)

Running Scared, aka Anniversary of the Dead
Written by Ed Adamson, Directed by Thomas Carr
Bethel Leslie (Harriet Morrow), Marc Lawrence (Vito Doria), King Calder (Kenneth Morrow), Joe Conley (Bartender)

The Mouse, aka Diamond's French Fable; 2-1/2 Million Dollars in Uncut Diamonds
Russ Conway (Lieutenant Kyle), Narda Onyx (Amelia Fable), Lilyan Chauvin (Clara), Than Wyenn (Clyde), Stephen Bekassy (Paul Montero), Joe Conley (Joe)

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