Love Is a Many-Spendored Thing Anastasia Titanic
Return to Peyton Place The Best of Everything Down Argentine Way

Reviews of Sylvia Stoddard's commentaries:

Stoddard dominated the track and offered the strongest material. She gave us a good history of the era and the reality of the story. Stoddard related the social situations dominant in the era and provided tidbits about the real Han Suyin, her life, and her book. The comments helped flesh out my understanding of the flick and placed it in perspective. I didn’t agree with Stoddard's positive appraisal of the movie, but I appreciated her attempts to detail the flick, and the other men also contributed to this useful commentary.
--Colin Jacobson, DVD Movie Guide

First up is a full-length commentary by Film Historian Sylvia Stoddard (whose particular interests are in Asian history), Daily Variety and Los Angeles Times music columnist John Burlingame and director of photography Michael Lonzo. This is quite a team of individuals assembled here when you consider that each of their expertise represents a significant aspect of this film. Scene by scene, Sylvia Stoddard meticulously explains the actions happening on screen as well as giving us background information on the real people this film is based upon. Stoddard is a real fan of actress Jennifer Jones and gives us some detailed information on how she was discovered by David O. Selznick who persuaded her to change her name and offered her a film contract in the process. Though I only had the opportunity to sample a quarter of what is here, it is evident that this is just simply an outstanding commentary.
--Ron Epstein, Home Theatre Forum

However, Stoddard definitely dominates the commentary. I'd not feel surprised to learn that her statements occupy fully half of the track, though my estimate could be incorrect. In any case, Stoddard provides a wealth of information about both the movie and the historical case of Anastasia. She clearly adores the film, and her enthusiasm comes through swimmingly as she imparts scads of useful notes. All in all, I really enjoyed this diverse and highly informative commentary.
--Colin Jacobson, DVD Movie Guide

One additional audio feature appears. We get an audio essay called “Titanic Aftermath” conducted by Sylvia Stoddard. In this concise discussion, she goes over the actions that followed the sinking and lets us know what happened to some of the survivors. She also gets into some cinematic explorations of the topic. It’s a nice 11-minute and 20-second chat about the subject.
--Colin Jacobson, DVD Movie Guide

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