"One of the best rock scores ever produced for the theatre. . .
A difficult, demanding and rewarding show, one that pushes
the boundaries of the form" - William A. Henry III, Time

For those who know Chess only from a recording, this site will give you
an idea of the staged productions; for the aficianado, the entire spectrum
of worldwide variations.

Chess at London's Prince Edward Theatre was a love story set amid a
world championship chess match, the tensions of the Cold War,
and a media circus. It ran for three years. When the Berlin Wall fell,
a radically altered version of the show was presented on Broadway and

Then Tim Rice's original post-Cold War revision was staged in
Sydney, Australia and was a hit.

Since then, there have been dozens of productions worldwide--each
one different from the last.

Explore the world of Chess, the musical everybody thought they
could fix . . . but was there really anything wrong with it to begin with?

variations left to be played

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