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The new official site for the Swedish production, opening in Stockholm on 23 February 2002:

A general musicals site which started at MIT with hundreds of contributors. It has background and forums on almost any musical:

A Chess site with the most current list of upcoming productions worldwide:

Another Chess site:

A clever Chess site with a quiz; part of Stacy's Musical Village (there's a Mamma Mia! section and quiz too):

Ms. Vassy's Chess site complete with Chess jokes:

Another Miss Florence Vassy makes her move:

A Chess site run by the "list mom" for our mailing list:

Kim Holec's Chess site

A fun site of mis-heard musical theatre lyrics, with a very funny Chess page:

And a delightful site of one theatregoer's experience seeing Chess in London, complete with some incredible original photos:


A wonderful survey with great detail about Tim Rice, his work and career. Updated frequently.

An exciting new ABBA site:

There is a new, very extensive and excellent official site for ABBA and its members:
Click here to go to the official ABBA homepage
Click here to go to the official ABBA website

There are almost 600 ABBA sites. One of the most interesting:

There is a new site which incorporates ABBALINK, and has ALL of the many sites linked, listed aphabetically, by category and a section for new sites. Sites are graded to help you navigate through them.

An extensive chronicle of the Abba phenomenon in Australia, with pages on Chess productions.

This site has good coverage of Benny and Björn's post-ABBA work:


Of the original London principals, here is a website covering Elaine Paige.

There is an official website for Elaine, but it is so Flash-intensive, it rarely loads properly.

A brand new site devoted to Tommy Körberg:

Basically Tommy

And this is a link to a Murray Head site.

There is a new page devoted to Barbara Dickson.

Anthony Head replaced his brother Murray in the role of Frederick Trumper opposite Siobhan McCarthy and Grainne Renihan. His official fan club has links to many pages about him:

Peter Karrie, the original TV commentator in the London production has a page:

THE ACTORS - Broadway - Three members of the New York company have websites:

David Carroll

Judy Kuhn

Judy Kuhn

and Marcia Mitzman Gaven

Jodie Gillies, Florence in the Sydney production, has a beautiful page:

THE ACTORS - The American Tour
Carolee Carmello played Florence in the U.S. Tour:

Carolee Carmello Website

THE ACTORS - Other productions
Delia Hannah starred in the Auckland production opposite Tommy Korberg and Murray Head:

Paige O'Hara played Florence in a production at the San Bernadino (California) Civic Light Opera:

Colm Wilkinson appeared in a 1992 Candian Chess concert:

The author of this website supports and encourages you to support:

especially in memory of Chess cast and crew members who are tragically lost to us, including Michael Bennett, David Carroll, Tom Jobe and Ken Grant.

Some cast members of the May 1998 BC/EFA Chess in Concert performances have pages:

Brian played Freddie in the BC/EFA Concert, and Anatoly in the 1999 production at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta:

Alice played Svetlana:
Alice Ripley

Christiane Noll played Florence:
Christiane Noll

Michael Cerveris played the narrator:
Michael Cerveris Official Home Page

And "if you'd like to buy a set and learn to play..."

Many people have made the breadth and scope of this website possible. Special thanks to all the press reps who were generous with photos and information, the royal treatment received at the Theatre Royal in Sydney, the Marriott Lincolnshire, Sacramento Music Circus, San Bernardino Civic Light Opera, Union Dinner Theatre at the University of Texas at El Paso, the Boulder Dinner Theatre and many others.

My thanks especially to Tim Rice, Eileen Heinink, Fay Rawlinson, Siobhan McCarthy, Grainne Renihan, Yvonne Bachem, Janet Dubin, Jane Rice, Guy Riddick, Pat Dale, Jack Youens and especially Amy Spalding, Jennifer Bogdanski and David Polberger. Thanks too to Peter Elliott, producer of the Broadway Original Cast Album for some great "I was there" information and other wonderful goodies.

The creation of this site was triggered by a massive Geocities crash which forever destroyed Amy Spalding's excellent Chess website. However, thanks to some remote archeologists, a fragment of that page, found on papyrus in Hindustan (in what is now Iran), has survived. Click for her "Signs You're Obsessed" page.

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