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This website is organized by the major productions of Chess: the Concept Album, London, Broadway, Chicago, U.S. Tour, Sydney and Stockholm. Each was substantially different from the others. Each includes cast and production credits, a synopsis, and lyrics as well as photos within the lyric pages, so you can see how a song was staged while reading the lyrics. All subsequent productions are listed by the version of the show which was performed.

Concept Covers the 1984 Concept Album, 12" and 7" singles, the concerts and music video.
Commentary An analysis.
The Lyrics of Tim Rice a 1985 Yorkshire TV show featuring a selection of staged songs from the Concept Album with Elaine Paige, Murray Head and Barbara Dickson.
Souvenirs sold in conjunction with the Concept Album.

London The 1986 London production opened at the Prince Edward Theatre in 1986.
Reviews of London.
Commentary An analysis.
The British Tour opened in Plymouth in 1990 and was a combination of the London and Sydney versions with new choreography.
Auckland, New Zealand did the London version on an abstract set.
Irish Premiere The London version done by a small, energetic cast.
Artist's Perspective, Off Broadway Rice pruned the London version for a small cast.
Wellington, New Zealand The London version with a full cast, interviews and a review.

Broadway A radically different version of Chess with a new book by Richard Nelson.
Reviews of Broadway.
Commentary An analysis.
Blank Theatre Co., Los Angeles Broadway's "Svetlana," Marcia Mitzman, starred as Florence.
Rockville Music Theatre, Rockville, Maryland
Honolulu's Diamond Head Theatre, Hawaii A vibrant production of the Broadway version.

Chicago The Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre's revision of the Broadway version.
Commentary An analysis.
Sacramento Music Circus A production of the Chicago version.
Long Beach, California
Boulder, Colorado

U.S. Tour A totally revised version with a new book and staging.
Commentary An analysis.

Sydney Tim Rice's unused post-Cold War rewrite for Broadway.
Commentary An analysis.

Stockholm Version of the show in Swedish.

Variations Various concert versions and other productions. Includes 2018 ENO London and Kennedy Center productions.
Oddities and a Totally Opinionated Editorial.


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