77 Sunset Strip


SEASON 2, 1959-1960

In Hawaii, Stu is finished with a case and about to head back to the Mainland when he rescues a woman on a beach from a masher. Then Tom Lopaka arrives and unpacks for him, and Stu learns his heroic deed blew a law enforcement sting to nail a counterfeiter. That counterfeiter is still in prison, but he's getting the money out somehow.
Robert Conrad (Tom Lopaka), Poncie Ponce (Kim), Adele Mara (Martha Swain), Hugh Sanders (Sam Boone), Dolores Donlon (Faye North), Richard Shannon (Carl Loomis), Don Harvey (Paul Coyne)
Teleplay by William L. Stuart and Howard Browne, Story by Howard Browne; Directed by george waGGner
Crossover episode with Hawaiian Eye. Fay North wears a truly hideous evening dress. We learn that Stu drinks either vodka gimlets or vodka martinins, prepared 'dust dry.' Songs in the episode include 'All Through the Night,' 'I Get a Kick Out of You," and Dolores Donlon sings 'I've Got a Crush On You.'

Kookie doesn't think the pretty Carrie is anything but a runaway when she climbs out of hiding in the car of one of the businessmen with an office in Bailey & Spencer's building. But the business the man was on involved murder and now he and his pals are after the girl, not knowing how much she saw.
Sherry Jackson (Carrie), King Donovan (Legs Carson), John Hubbard (Laroque), Mickey Simpson (Wilkes), Alexander Campbell (Silas Rocklin), Will Hutchins (Himself)
Written by Maurita Pittman; Directed by Montgomery Pittman
Hutchins, star of the Warner Bros. light-hearted western, Sugarfoot, appears as himself. Jeff reads a phony magazine called 'Snap.' There were numerous magazines in the 40s and 50s with similar titles, "Pic,' 'Click,' and others joined 'Life' and 'Look.'

Bailey & Spencer head security at a charity function at which six beautiful debutantes wear fabulous jewels, loaned for the occasion. The event is about to begin when one of the girls becomes ill. She recovers, but despite the continual presence of the jeweler, Stu, Kookie and a dozen others, a fabulous diamond is switched for a fake.
Abraham Sofaer (M. Halevy), Kaye Elhardt (Wanda Hill), Diane McBain (Laura Stanley), Joyce Meadows (Blaise Newsome), Ralph Clanton (Al Mulden), Robert Carson (Charles Prinz), Bill Hudson (Phil Ashton), Dennis McCarthy (Detective Feldman), Stephen Chase (Dr. Graham), Dorothea Lord (Doris), Will Hutchins (Emcee), The Mary Kaye Trio, Army Archerd, Dick Haynes (TV Announcer), The Frankie Ortega Trio
Teleplay by William L. Stuart, Story by Richard Wormser; Directed by Andre deToth
Music for this episode includes a new number, 'Kookie's Love Song' by Mack David and Howie Horwitz, as well as standards 'You and the Night and the Music,' 'Ain't She Sweet,' 'Mountain Greenery,' 'Just One of Those Things,' and 'You're Getting to Be a Habit with Me.' Longtime Hollywood trade paper columnist and emcee Army Archerd appears as himself, as does The Mary Kaye Trio.

THE CLAY PIGEON (10/23/59)
A talent agent hires Stu because her client, radio star Sam Gurney, refuses to accept a TV contract she's gotten for him until Stu locates four people. They're all gangsters and one was killed recently outside a dive in a little town near Fresno.
Paula Raymond (Mildred DeWitt), Dan Tobin (Sam Gurney), Steven Ritch (Rocky Podesta), Charles Fredericks (Happy Happerson), Joey Faye (Max Krail), Christine Nelson (Eleanor Forbes), Laura Wood (Eve Scott)
Teleplay by Leonard Lee, Story by Jim Barnett; Directed by Arthur Lubin

Jeff prepares a deceptively simple trap for a killer when he helps his friend Lonnie Drew, who's gotten mixed up in a race-fixing scheme.
Adam West (Lonnie Drew), Brad Dexter (Vince Pool), Mary Tyler Moore [as Mary Moore] (Marie Drew), Sam Buffington (Mr. Anton), John Goddard (Steve Abud), John Dennis (Jack Metz), Ben Welden (Bennie Hayt)
Teleplay by W. R. Burnett from a novel by W. R. Burnett; Directed by Mark Sandrich

SING SOMETHING SIMPLE (11/6/59) Stu goes undercover in white tie and tails to investigate attempts on the life of a tempestuous opera diva. Is it just a publicity stunt? To find out, Kookie dons armor as a supernumerary onstage and Suzanne takes over as the soprano's dresser and maid. Linda Darnell (Zina Felice), Nico Minardos (Paul Descartes), Richard Garland (Jon Barone), Neil Hamilton (Michael Green), William Edmunds (Papa Puccini), Marianne Gaba (Lita Ladoux), V.J. Ardoin (Nuncio)
Written by Fenton Earnshaw; Directed by george waGGner

Jeff's motives are the best: a deceased convict's daughter asks him to return some stolen jewels and collect some insurance money, but the police have another role in mind for Jeff. He'll be the bait in a diabolical double cross of a greedy killer.
Bunny Cooper (Vickey Travers), Tom Drake (Clifford Towne), Donald Barry (Shorty Adams), John Sebastian (Lennie Paris), J. Edward McKinley (Ronald Lowery), Carolyn Komant (Giner Roman)
Written by Jack Lloyd & Joel Kane; Directed by george waGGner

OUT OF THE PAST (11/20/59)
The Cold War makes an incident from 1945 in which Stu was involved suddenly vital. He's asked to contact Staff Sgt. Thomas Handeman, the one man left behind in an operation to smuggle rocket scientists out of Europe. Handeman changed sides after the war, and has just surfaced with the papers of one of the scientists who died in the escape. The U.S. government wants them and Handeman will talk only to Bailey.
Patric Knowles (Major George Haney), Lili Kardell (Gerda Nissen), Reggie Nalder (Hans Rausche), Robert Christopher (Tom Handeman), Carl Esmond (Kurt Von Paulus), Adam West (Jim Beck), Narda Onyx (Karen Rodek), Daniele Aubry (Susette)
Written by Stephen Kandel; Directed by Charles Haas
The Frankie Ortega Trio plays 'Love for Sale.'

When Jeff signs on a new insurance company as a client, it seems very routine. But on the first accidental death case he checks out, he gets an anonymous note that it was murder. The gorgeous widow gets one too. Jeff gets conked on the head leaving her apartment, but before he slides to the pavement, his assailant tells him to keep away from the woman.
Suzanne Lloyd (Elaine Shannon), John Beradino (Carl Dorr), Pat Michon (Gloria Shannon), Mark Roberts (Johnny Liston), Kathleen Freeman (Mrs. Ryan), Jim Oberlin (Eddie Fleet), Owen Cunningham (Dr. H. Gordon), Cecile Rogers (Joanne)
Teleplay by Leonard Lee, From a novel by Robert Martin; Directed by george waGGner
Jeff's gun is a short barrel .38.

SECRET ISLAND (12/4/59) Stu is flying back with a prisoner when the plane encounters a typhoon. After one engine and the radio go out, the co-pilot spots a small island and they decide to try a landing, but they crash into the stormy seas. Six of them survive and make it to the island, including Stu and his prisoner. Come daylight, the men find an odd lookout tower and see a bullseye in the sand. Stu realizes it's where they're going to test a hydrogen bomb...within just days.
Jacques Bergerac, Tuesday Weld, Kathleen Crowley, Catherine McLeod, Grant Sullivan, James Lydon, Barry Cahill, Joan Staley
Written by Leonard Lee; Directed by george waGGner
This episode was shot at the end of the first season. The stingy Warners budget really shows in this episode. The 'island' set is truly phony (the establishing shot is of tiny Coconut Island on Oahu's windward side--it has been used many times, including as the castaways' home in Gilligan's Island]. Airplanes were more spacious then--the DC-3 has a lounge on board.

TEXAS DOLL (12/11/59)
The same man is pursuing both an oil-wealthy widow and her stepdaughter and the family is worried. They hire Jeff to sort out the man's intentions and background and Spencer finds a whole lot more than he bargained for when the man is murdered.
Rhodes Reason (Rick Allen), Sherry Jackson (Chris Benson), Carol Ohmart (Ann Benson), Douglas Dick (Jim Ferris), Ric Roman (Joe Martino), Stephen Chase (Clay Benson), Anita Sands (Waitress), Max Lewin (Himself), The Frankie Ortega Trio
Teleplay by Jerry Davis, Story by Jo Pagano; Directed by Andre deToth
Lewin (the real proprietor of a Strip restaurant) plays himself.

Stu reluctantly accepts an assignment to protect a millionaire's two daughters on a six-week tour of Europe, not knowing their father has nefarious plans of his own.
Kipp Hamilton (Lili), John Sutton (Ralph Anderson), Donald Buka (Pierre), Judy Nugent (Bobbie), Herbert Rudley (Gerald Anderson), Don O'Kelly (Adams), Albert Carrier (Claude)
Written by Herbert Epstein; Directed by James V. Kern

Singer Eddie Mayes kills himself and his sister refuses to believe it. And she's right. Two goons pushed him over a balcony. Now Jeff has to prove it, and that takes him undercover as a singer who signs with a ruthless agent who's also a racketeer.
Patricia Donahue (Marilyn King), Ted deCorsia (Ben Gale), Anthony George (Si Temple), Lisa Davis (Linda Atkins), Michael Harris (Mike Andro), Oliver McGowan (Fleet Johnson), Suzanne Edwards (Jeannie Mayes)
Written by Fenton Earnshaw; Directed by Ida Lupino
Roger Smith sings 'Coffeehouse Cafe.'

CREATED HE THEM (1/1/60) It sure looks like a mercy killing when Dr. Mary Adams's invalid husband is poisoned. But as Stu tries to investigate, he's blocked by obstinate people, politics, jealousy and too many dead ends and brick walls.
Adele Mara (Dr. Adams), Jean Byron (Claire), Edward Kemmer (Page), Margaret Irving (Mrs. Logan), Audrey Clark (Ruth), Bruce Hayes (Chuck), Victor Buono (Bennie), Don Harvey (Wildcat), Howard Wright (Dr. McKage), Max Lewin (Himself)
Teleplay by george waGGner and Howie Horwitz, Story by george waGGner; Directed by george waGGner
Lewin appears as himself.

After meeting at an art show, the Countess Marushka finds a rare Rodin sculpture and hires Jeff to take it to New York to have it authenticated. Jeff picks up the statue as well as a tail. Then his phone's bugged, his office and apartment ransacked and Kookie attacked. Jeff goes to the shop where the Countess bought the piece and it's vacant.
Marie Windsor (Countess Marushka), Alan Baxter (Fred Keller), Eric Feldary (Eric House), Baynes Barron (Blanton), Jim Backus (Maury Samuels), Joanie Sommers (Joanie), The Frankie Ortega Trio
Teleplay by Leo Townsend, Story by Jack Emanuel & Jim Barnett; Directed by William J. Hole, Jr.
Joanie Sommers was a hot singer at the time, discovered by Gene Nelson, who owned Crescendo Records as well as nightclubs The Crescendo and The Interlude on the Strip.

SWITCHBURG (1/15/60)
Stu looks into buying an old ghost town hotel for a client and finds the place is much more lively than he thought, and a lot more dangerous.
Dolores Donlon (Nan and Ann Polly), Jean Allison (Dorothy), Lance Fuller (Clyde Amboy), Charity Grace (Mrs. Brandon), John Hubbard (Art Momey), Emile Meyer (Sheriff Hale), William Fawcett (Morty Genes), Richard Reeves (Wilbur Van Brock), William Forester (Kingsley [Desk Clerk]), Al Shelly (Al Hutchinson)
Written by Montgomery Pittman; Directed by Montgomery Pittman

Jeff begins investigating what seems like a routine insurance case after the death of a famous photographer, but ends up in a remove village, the victim of a Mexican spitfire.
Whitney Blake (Diana Carthwright), Lisa Montell (Pilar), (Dennis Patrick?), Brad Weston (Manuel), William Hudson (Phillip Marsden), Fortunio Bonanova (Señor Ramon), Ted Quillan (Inspector Ferguson), Raoul De Leon (Sanchez), Roberto Contreras (Santos), Richard Bermudez (Juan), Butler Hixson (Fisher)
Teleplay by Jerry Davis, Story by Leonard Lee & Don Tait; Directed by Everett Sloane
The ampersand between the writers' names is a guild-specified credit. If two writers work on a script separately, their names are linked with 'and.' If two writers are partners, an ampersand is used.

When two dancehall hostesses are murdered, Stu starts hanging around the seedy halls. He doesn't know that the murders are connected to the robbery of a fortune in cash.
Bea Benaderet (Mary Field), Linda Lawson (Jeanne), Anthony George (Nick Hercules), Jay Novello (Mr. Neidorf), Robert Colbert (Ernie Pozen), Hal Baylor (Herky's Bouncer), Saundra Edwards (Loma), Hugh Lawrence (Police Desk Sergeant), Sandy Koufax (A Policeman)
Teleplay by Peter R. Brooke, Story by Leonard Lee & Don Tait; Directed by george waGGner
Yes, there still were dancehalls in Los Angeles at the time. They were used by most TV shows at least once as settings for a story. The title is a spoof on the famous song, 'Ten Cents a Dance.' L. A. Dodger Sandy Koufax played himself frequently on TV series, but this is a rare appearance as a character.

Tom Lopaka visits Jeff with a client, former film star Wilson James. They're in town because James's producer/director protégé, J. Cedric Usher, died a month ago and the will has some odd provisions. One is that the now blind James, is to bring someone to "help" when the will is read. No one knows what to expect, but Jeff agrees to accompany James. The will is on film and the eccentric Usher sends his legatees on a $1 million treasure hunt.
Robert Conrad (Tom Lopaka), Jacques Aubuchon (Wilson James), Fay Wray (Clara), Richard Rust (Walter Legal), Myrna Fahey (Lynn Wells), Neil Hamilton (Hamilton), Donald Barry (Barnaby), Susan Crane (Amelia Legal), John Holland (Robin Wells), Jack Mather (J. Cedric Usher)
Teleplay by N. B. Stone, Jr. and Montgomery Pittman, Story by Arthur & Irwin Porces; Directed by Montgomery Pittman
Crossover episode with Hawaiian Eye. A typical Pasadena mansion is used as the palatial home of J. C. Usher.

CONDOR'S LAIR (2/12/60)
Wealthy teenaged novelist Kitten Lang lives in a place called "Condor's Lair," a haunted pile built by silent film star Tony Condor, who killed himself in the house. Kitten loathes Hollywood because it's not 'transcendental' enough, but her book is being filmed there. She needs Stu because she's being blackmailed. She won't tell him why.
Troy Donahue (Star Bright [Steve]), Tuesday Weld (Kitten Lang), Robert Lowery (Stacy Noble), Andrea King (Maggie Lang), David Cross (Paname), Jeanne Bates (Lydia Noble)
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by george waGGner
The episode title is a spoof on Erroll Flynn's home, Falcon's Lair. The press release calls Kitten's avant garde style of writing 'existentialism,' but it's actually 'trancendentalism.'

THE STARLET (2/26/60)
Young actress Kay Donnelly's mother hires Jeff because there have been several attempts on her life. Kay's competing in a "Starlet of the Year" competition at the Hollywood Film Club and Jeff goes to the ceremonies, where everyone says Kay is the front runner. But it's Ellie Hayes who wins and Kay shoots herself. Kay's mother insists it's murder.
Jean Blake (Ellie Hayes), Diane McBain (Paula Harding), Linda Watkins (Mrs. Wetherby), Kaye Elhardt (Kay Donnelly), Nancy Valentine (Rhonda Saxon), Paul Lukather (Steve Lucy), Christine Nelson (Marge Leland), Joel Lawrence (Derek Rand), Howard McLeod (Johnny Kamsler), Kay Stewart (Mrs. Donnelly), Joanie Sommers (Sally Peters), Saundra Edwards (Girl #1)
Teleplay by Sig Herzig and Ed Jurist, Story by Sig Herzig; Directed by Andre deToth
Songs in the episode include 'You're Just Too Marvelous' and 'Hooray for Hollywood.'

SAFARI (3/4/60)
One of his friends or associates is trying to kill mogul Simon Galbraith. He's survived three attempts, and hires Stu to go rhino-hunting in Africa with him and the suspects. Once he meets them all and sees how Galbraith treats them, Bailey realizes he's got a tough job ahead of him.
Julie Adams (Miriam Galbraith), Arch Johnson (Simon Galbraith), Richard Coogan (Doug Walters), Kurt Kreuger (Kurt Heller), Robert Colbert (Pete Mellon), Janet Lake (Joyce Galbraith)
Written by Bernard C. Schoenfeld; Directed by george waGGner
The 'African' sets are from Hawaiian Eye, the plane is a Constellation, and Julie Adams sports a particularly loathesome hat as well as wearing the same suit in both L.A. and 'Kenya.' Kurt Kreuger's character is called 'Heller' in the credits, but 'Haffner' in dialogue. This usually happened when the errors and omissions research was done too late and a character name didn't clear, but the episode had been shot.

BLACKOUT (3/11/60)
Jeff is up against a gangster with brawn and brains as he is hired to guard a string of fabulous pearls in an exclusive shop. The clever and inricately planned heist isn't revealed until after Suzanne becomes a hostage.
Rex Reason (Monty Salow), Donald May (Tip Lanahan), Warren Oates (Dink Strahman), Damian O'Flynn (Mr. Caldwell), Sammy White (Red Neal), John Sebastian (Pierre Picard)
Teleplay by Leonard Lee, Story by Don Tait & Larry Menkin; Directed by Herbert L. Strock

Because of the political turmoil in the country of San Dede, the ruling family hires Stu to bring home their college coed daughter. Stu has several problems--the uncooperative girl dislikes him intensely, and her homecoming is likely to start a civil war.
Andra Martin (Roxanna Ferrales), Luis Van Rooten (Roberto Salazar), Rodolfo Hoyos (Pinedo), George Lewis (Ruben De Leon), James Chandler (Crease Edwards), George Trevino (Garcia), Valentin De Vargas (Coco), Marianna Hill (Juanita), Alberto Monte (Juan), Robert Hernandez (Emanuel)
Written and Directed by Montgomery Pittman
Journalist Crease Edwards tells Stu he used to work on the L.A. Herald Express. The real Hearst L.A. paper was the Herald-Examiner.

Stu and his charge, Roxanna Perales, encounter more trouble as they approach the capital city of San Dede. Roxanna hasn't been home in many years, an imposter has taken her place and the opposition party is in possession of the palace.
Andra Martin (Roxanna Ferrales), Luis Van Rooten (Roberto Salazar), Rodolfo Hoyos (Pinedo), George Lewis (Ruben De Leon), James Chandler (Crease Edwards), George Trevino (Garcia), Valentin De Vargas (Coco), Marianna Hill (Juanita), Alberto Monte (Juan), Robert Hernandez (Emanuel)
Written and Directed by Montgomery Pittman
Many shows, especially Mission: Impossible, did stories about banana republics. But this one is a little less clichéd than most.

Brat is too kind a word for Angel Conway. The child actress is insufferable. Devastated that she has had no publicity in over a week, she arranges with actor pal Nick Devlin to steal her mother's $50,000 diamond necklace. Stu doesn't have much trouble figuring out that Angel was involved. Nick has other plans for the necklace, but he is killed first.
Evelyn Rudie (Angel Conway), Billie Burke (Mavis Matthews Conway), Pamela Britton (Paula Conway), Ken Lynch (Fred Thorn), Maurice Manson (Lotsie Vogel), Virginia Christine (Mrs. Thorn), Beau Gentry (Nick Devlin), Della Sharman (Barbara Sonderman), Ralph Clanton (Herbert Goelet), Clark Howat (Lt. Hirsh), Mousie Garner (Barney)
Teleplay by Richard De Roy, Story by Jerry Davis; Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Pam Britton would go on to star as Mrs. Brown on My Favorite Martian. The poolside set was probably a standing set; most studios had a modern building that could be shot from different angles, to serve as an apartment, motel or resort. The car chase is strictly stock footage.

THE FIX (4/8/60)
Jeff searches for clues when a fighter is killed after he takes part in a rigged bout, but when his client is murdered too, he has to pick up the trail of the killers from a striptease dancer.
Rhodes Reason (Chad Morrow), Mary Tyler Moore (Laura Chandler), Dennis Patrick (Fred Homer), Paul Dubov (Joe Carter), Gregory Morton (Tony Barnes), Juli Reding (Miss Saturn)
Written by Steven Ritch; Directed by Robert B. Sinclair

The infamous Crystal Dart collects money, diamonds, emeralds...and men. She needs Stu's help with her estranged husband, who's nothing but counterfeit paste. As she's planning a divorce, she wants to eject her soon-to-be-ex from her ski lodge. Stu's presence on the mountain excursion puts him in grave danger.
Marilyn Maxwell (Crystal Dart), Pat Michon (Janice Dexter), William Schallert (Ken Dexter), Kurt Kreuger (Kurt Weibel), Bek Nelson (Marie Lang), Dennis Moore (Sheriff Painter)
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by Montgomery Pittman
Maxwell sings 'As Time Goes By,' 'I'll String Along with You' is played in the background just after the big blowup scene between Crystal and Kurt, then when Crystal calms down and the music is 'Tenderly.' Jeff says he'll 'go home and watch Bronco, referring to the Warner series starring Ty Hardin, which was the result of a battle between Cheyenne's Clint Eastwood and the studio. He walked out, they used Hardin as his replacement. When Walker returned, Hardin was given his own show.

Jeff believes a pre-nuptial agreement might be the cause when the young wife of an older man disappears. But he learns she gets nothing if they divorce. But she and her surfer boyfriend have other plans--blackmail. Their scheme goes awry when Jeff is accused of kidnapping her.
Suzanne Lloyd (Eve), John Howard (Rediger), Mike Road (Carl Packard), Sam Gillman (Ian Pepperday), Jackie Russell (Lisa), Craig Curtis (Joey), Tim Waller (Hotel Clerk), Jerry Doggett (Detective), James Hurst (3rd Officer)
Teleplay by Herman Epstein and Ed Jurist, Story by Herman Epstein; Directed by george waGGner

Stu is hired by the former girlfriend of a court-martialed air force officer to prove she isn't involved in his treasonable activities. Not only does the CIA suspect she is involved, Stu learns the clue to a Communist plot from the officer himself.
Dianne Foster (Marta Wentworth), Donald May (Lt. Francis B. Holister), Richard Shannon (Eric Gregory), John Shay (Major Windham), Raymond Bailey (Bel Salway), Kathleen Freeman (WAF Secretary), Charity Grace (Old Lady), Robert Carson (Brig. Gen. Myerson), Liz Carr (Linda Grayson)
Teleplay by Charles B. Sinclair, story by Holly Roth; Directed by george waGGner

Two bereaved parents consult Jeff after the fraternity hazing death of their son at college. The verdict is "accidental murder," but they tell Jeff their son was extremely unhappy at school and it might have been a suicide. They want Jeff to go back to college for answers.
Shirley Knight (Mari Ellen), Gary Vinson (Brad Curtis), Diane McBain (Doris Spinner), Kenneth Tobey (Coach Jarech), James Bonnet (Dave Dixon), Joan Marshall (Connie Jarech), Jerry Brent (Milt Moore), James Seay (Mr. Connors), Donald Foster (Dean Summers), Justice Watson (Prof. Bleeker), Lane Chandler (Chief Crane), Claudia Bryer (Mrs. Connors), Alice Foote (Susan Davis), J. Edward McKinley (Coroner)
Teleplay by Richard Stenger and W. Hermanos, Story by Richard Stenger; Directed by Robert B. Sinclair

Stu poses as a doctor to gain access to a political prisoner behind the Iron Curtain in Budapest, then has to pose as a priest when a traitorous student betrays the prisoner, who is executed just as Stu arrives to save him.
Anna-Lisa (Marie Kosary), Marcel Dalio (Dr. Pierre Carnet), Theodore Marcuse (Ferenzi), John van Dreelen (Colonel Szatmar), Rudolph Anders (Jozsef Jaszi), Sasha Harden (Miklos Jaszi), Charles Maxwell (Kirkland), Norbert Schiller (Father Cyna), David Manley (Anton), John Czingula (Geza), Joseph Waring (Prison Official)
Teleplay by W. Hermanos, Story by Richard Grey; Directed by Charles Haas
This story originally ran on Conflict as "Blind Drop: Warsaw"

Cricket Blake and Tracy Steel collect Jeff and take him to Hawaii, shipping him on to a remote plantation town to trap a thief who's cost an insurance company client of the Hawaiian Eye office a fortune. Jeff goes undercover as a guitar-playing hipster.
Anthony Eisley (Tracy Steel), Connie Stevens (Cricket Blake), Poncie Ponce (Kim), Warren Stevens (Mel Dixon), Myrna Hansen (Carol), Skip Ward (Victor King), Joyce Meadows (Jessica King), Paul Bryar (Ed Sudano), Tyler McVey (Philip Van Zandt)
Teleplay by W. Hermanos, Story by Roy Huggins; Directed by Montgomery Pittman
Crossover episode with Hawaiian Eye. Both Roger Smith and Connie Stevens sing in the episode. This story was also filmed as "Point Blank" on the Warner series Maverick.

SIERRA (5/27/60) Before he can even get to his client's high mountain home, Stu is knocked out, his car stolen and he's threatened by what sounds like a mountain lion. A man comes along and helps Stu, they find the car and huge animal prints, as well as the dead body of Stu's assailant. When he finally reaches Steve Jennings's tourist lodge, he finds his client more worried about his daughter than the beast which has claimed three lives.
Sherry Jackson (Ella Jennings), Lawrence Dobkin (Prof. Chastain), Anthony George (Barney), Edward Platt (Steve Jennings), Horace MacMahon (Silva), William Hudson (Bart Reed), Ric Roman (Chuck), Tom Fadden (Attendant)
Teleplay by W. Hermanos, Story by Steve Frazee; Directed by george waGGner
This story originally ran on Cheyenne as "Big Ghost Basin."

THE SILENT CAPER (6/3/60) Jeff sees a man and woman struggling in a window and goes to help. He can't get in the building but finds a bell earring on the sidewalk. He sees a photo in the newspaper of a stripper named Jingle Bells and she's wearing the earrings. She is supposed to testify for the Crime Comission about a mob murder and she's been kidnapped.
Dale Van Sickel (The Hood), Cliff Ketchum (The Man), Ann Duncan (Jingle Bells), Carolyn Komant (Girlfriend), Don Hix (Old Man)
Written by Roger Smith; Directed by george waGGner
There are sound effects and background music but this episode contains absolutely no dialogue. Roscoe goes to Caliente racetrack on a motorcycle. Since this track was south of Tiajuana, this is unlikely. As Efrem Zimbalist noted in our interview, Warner Bros. LOVED this episode because it didn't need to be dubbed for foreign markets.

FAMILY SKELETON (6/10/60) An old girlfriend of Stu's begs him to help when her employer is kidnapped. Bailey, Kookie and Roscoe have just 24 hours to solve the crime.
Suzanne Storrs (Diane Loring), Walter Reed (Phillip Staunton), Gale Robbins (Terry Staunton), Yvonne Craig (Luanna Staunton), Russ Bender (Chief Howard), Frank Gerstle (Bennie Cannon), Boyd Santell (Johnny Ritchie)
Teleplay by James Gunn, Story by Jonathan Haze; Directed by Reginald LeBorg

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