77 Sunset Strip


SEASON 4, 1962-1963

Stu's best friend is killed by a hit-and-run driver in Austria and the only clues he has are a cryptic partially-burned letter from Scott Norton and an inexplicably delayed telegram to his widow Lucy in New York. Among other questions, Stu wonders if Scott was working as a spy for the government. Among Scott's effects, Stu finds a key to a local actress's apartment.
Randy Stuart, Chana Eden, Simon Scott, Walter Reed, Oscar Beregi, Christopher Dark, Jay Novello, Rick Traeger, Fred Essler, Gregory Gay
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Paul Landres

LEAP, MY LOVELY (10/19/62)
When a con man hypnotizes an actress to leap to her death, he uses it as a threat to extort $1 million from a movie producer who fears the man will do the same thing to his star.
Neil Hamilton, John Dehner, Diane McBain, Robert Ellenstein, Lillian Bronson, Edward Colmans, Grandon Rhodes
Written by Lawrence Kimble; Directed by Irving J. Moore

Dehner appears as himself
After a spate of practical jokes among the denizens of Bailey & Spencer, Kookie has a hard time convincing everyone he's really in danger when he's arrested and threatened by a lynch mob.
Kevin Hagen, Don O'Kelly, Frank Ferguson, Kathy Bennett, Warren Oates, Martin West, Mikki Jamison, Sandy Kevin, Dee Carroll
Written by Paul Savage; Directed by Richard C. Sarafian

THE RAIDERS (11/2/62)
It's a nice little town, but it's filled with vice and corruption. Stu's dilemma is whether old friend and police chief Dutch Howard is part of the political machine.
Lee Bowman, Kathie Browne, Virginia Gregg, Jacques Aubuchon, Frances Helm, John Archer, Kem Dibbs, Henry Hunter
Teleplay by Lawrence Kimble, Story by Lawrence Kimble and Fred Roy Schiller; Directed by Robert Sparr

Judge Mellon's afraid he's going to be killed and hires Jeff. Mellon's wife wants her freedom, but the solution lies somewhere in the darker regions of the world of crime.
Henry Daniell, Coleen Gray, Edmon Ryan, Penny Santon, Barney Phillips, Nesdon Booth
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Irving J. Moore

Suzanne's Hungarian friend Anna Kalmar is desperate to locate her mother and Suzanne tricks Stu into helping her.
Valerie Varda, Charles H. Radilac, Theo Marcuse, David White, Iphigenie Catiglioni, John Day, Fred Essler
Written by John K. Butler & Lou Huston; Directed by Paul Landres

It all starts as a publicity stunt. Actress Dagne Stuart wants headlines and will do anything to get them, including tricking Jeff into the plot. But when she's in real trouble, who's she gonna call?
Jo Morrow, Peter Breck, Peter Brown, Arch Johnson, George Petrie, Benny Baker
Written by Sonya Roberts; Directed by Robert Douglas

THE DARK WOOD (11/30/62)
Stu finds trouble in a boys camp when he stops off to see an old girlfriend whose husband has just died in an accident. He's surprised to hear from her daughter that his death was no accident.
Diane Brewster, Dennis James, Susan Gordon, Doug Lambert, Walter Sands, Claire Carleton, Benny Baker, House Peters Jr.
Teleplay by Lawrence Kimble and A. I. Bezzerides, Story by A. I. Bezzerides; Directed by Richard C. Sarafian

A series of international robberies worries law enforcement officials all over the world. The crimes have several things in common: the victims are very carefully chosen, have large amounts of jewels or securities on them, the robberies are daring and the victims are all injured. Seeking similar MOs, Stu calls Tom Lopaka and Greg MacKenzie for help.
Robert Conrad, Poncie Ponce, Cloris Leachman, Dayton Lummis, Sherwood Price, Paul Bryar, Jack Raine
Written by Lawrence Kimble; Directed by Leslie H. Martinson
Crossover episode with Hawaiian Eye. Folk music stars Peter, Paul and Mary perform at Dino's in this episode.

Jeff and J. R. pull duty delivering a locked briefcase to a Latin American country. Inside are supposed to be blueprints for a housing development, but the contents are really plans for overthrowing the government.
Joe De Santis, Oscar Beregi, Mario Alcaide (Alcalde?), Rodolfo Hoyos, Don Diamond, Eve Marlowe, Nacho Galindo, Roberto Contreras, Gil Stuart
Written by Montgomery Pittman; Directed by Leslie H. Martinson

Someone's making threatening phone calls to a society astrologer, and he hires Jeff, who learns the astrologer doesn't even write his own column--his secretary does, and she's in grave danger.
Henry Daniell, Merry Anders, James Milhollin, Eddie Fontaine, Elizabeth Harrower, Douglas Dumbrille, Benny Baker, Nora Marlowe, Kathy Bennett, Mina Brown
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Charles R. Rondeau

Kookie and J. R. end up at a ski resort when Jeff and an insurance adjuster work to track down a fortune stolen from an armored truck.
Bill Williams, Adam Williams, Ruta Lee, Fabrizio Mioni, Kathy Bennett, Rusty Lane
Written by John O'Dea & Sidney Salkow; Directed by Sidney Salkow

Stu wonders what's going on in Hollywood. A suicide, a cocktail party murder and attempts to kill a TV comedian seem a bit excessive even for Tinsel Town.
Paul Winchell, Jerry Paris, Grace Lee Whitney, Francine York, Linda Watkins
Written by James & George O'Hanlon; Directed by Paul Landres

Suzanne is working undercover when she falls in love. She's playing an heiress to check on a woman who's suing an agengy client and gets embroiled in love, blackmail and sibling rivalry.
Van Williams, Dara Howard, Alan Hale Jr., Charles Lane, Edgar Barrier, Mousie Garner
Teleplay by Robert C. Dennis, Story by Robert Jacks; Directed by Paul Landres

Gil has to give some bad news to Kookie's luncheon partner--the man's wife is dead in an auto accident. Later, Warren Collins shows Kookie a pool of brake fluid where his wife parked her car last night. At the accident site, Kookie finds a cap for the hydraulic system. He's briefing Collins when they get the biggest shock of all. His wife walks in. She loaned her car to a neighbor. While checking out the car's mechanic, Kookie encounters a slick little blackmailing setup.
Elinor Donahue, Simon Scott, Joan Taylor, Rhodes Reason, Peter Marshall, Julie Van Zandt, Brad Johnson
Written by Donn Mullally; Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

A deaf librarian is horrified when she reads the lips of a man who threatens to kill another library patron. She asks Stu to help and he unearths a counterfeiter, blackmail and murder.
Strother Martin, Anne Whitfield, Andrea King, Walter Burke, James Seay, Oliver McGowan, Eve McVeagh, John Cliff
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Robert Sparr

CRASHOUT! (2/1/63)
This undercover assignment is no fun as Jeff and Roscoe pose as prisoners to help an inmate escape, hoping he'll lead them to the loot from the robbery which put him there in the first place. But the inmate's pals have other plans for the half million bucks--and Jeff and Roscoe.
Nancy Rennick, Michael Parks, Don O'Kelly, Allyson Ames, Frank Wilcox, Greg Benedict, Murray Alper, Jim Hayward
Written by Jerry Davis; Directed by Paul Landres

Suzanne and the guys at Bailey & Spencer are nonplussed when their former secretary walks in and takes over as if the last six years hadn't happened.
Philip Carey, Myrna Fahey, George Kennedy, George Neise, Sally Hughes, Mickey Simpson
Written by Lawrence Kimble; Directed by george waGGner
This is the episode where Zimbalist and Smith had such a hard time keeping their cool [see Zimbalist interview].

SIX FEET UNDER (2/15/63)
Jeff's romantic interests hamper his investigation of a fur heist when the gang leader is apparently killed in a car crash.
Karen Sharpe, Malachi Throne, H.M. Wynant, John Milford, John Abbott, Robert Foulk
Written by Lawrence Kimble; Directed by Paul Landres

Stu takes on the East German government when he attemptes to reunite scientist Dr. Marie Harben with her son, who has been held hostage to prevent her from defecting.
Ursula Theiss, Werner Klemperer, Norbert Schiller, Nora Marlowe, Erika Peters, Konstantin Shayne, Martin Brandt, Charles DeVries, Rudy Dolan, Robert Boon, Feliz Reinsch
Written by Paul Savage; Directed by george waGGner

A new client uses unconventional means to hire Jeff--a nightclub with phones on each table. Sandra Keene wants Jeff to find her brother, who's been on an alcoholic binge for a month.
Tom Drake, Ellen McRae, Dub Taylor, Tim Graham, Brad Weston, Ian Wolfe, Monique LeMaire
Written by James & George O'Hanlon; Directed by Robert Sparr

NINE TO FIVE (3/8/63)
Stu gets in the middle of a New York friend's business and personal problems. Engineer Dick Lynwood is stuck on a late plane while chaos reigns at his office, he and his partner are splitting up and his estranged wife tries to empty his fancy Beekman Place apartment of all their furniture.
Diane McBain, Richard Long, Karl Held, Maggie Pierce, Alan Hewitt, Lennie Weinrib, William Quinn, William Zuckert, Ralph Manza, Jay Adler, Oscar Beregi, Greg Benedict
Written by Stanley Niss; Directed by Murray Golden

Kookie's friend from Japan has a problem: his uncle disappears with $50,000. Kookie not only solves the case, but enables the family to save face.
Robert Wilke, Steve Brodie, Caroline Kido, Mako, Joe Mell, Beulah Quo, Victor French
Written by John K. Butler & Lou Huston; Directed by george waGGner

An ex-soldier calls in Jeff when VA officials order him placed in a psychiatrist's care because he repeatedly sees the face of a man from his wartime experiences in Korea. The man was killed by the Communists, and despite the support of his wife and pals, everybody's sure he's delusional.
Don Dubbins, Grace Raynor, Forrest Compton, Byron Kane, Richard Shannon, Hardie Albright, John Alonzo
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Paul Landres

FLIGHT 307 (3/29/63)
Stu's trip to Hawaii is jetisoned when all the action's at the airport: there's a body in the men's room, a fleeing securities thief, a pilot who gets sick mid-flight and a stewardess who finds courage she didn't think she had.
Gena Rowlands, Jack Warden, Philip Carey, Tony Young, Bill Williams, Mark Dempsey, Russ Conway, Dan Tobin, William Phipps, Lewis Charles, Tommy Farrell, Madlyn Young
Teleplay by Boris Ingster & Addel Wren, Story by Boris Ingster; Directed by Charles R. Rondeau
This episode was a pilot for a proposed series, Jetport.

J. R.'s new girlfriend Taffy is in tears; her brother Barney is AWOL from the Navy. Barney's friend is remarkably silent on both Barney's going AWOL and his character. He implies Barney's got some rather unsavory new friends. He does, and they're a dirty bunch, as J.R. soon finds out., and he calls in Jeff, who finds a trail of stolen government materiel.
Jenny Maxwell, Evan McCord, Howard Caine, Pamela Duncan, Mercedes Shirley, Gordon Wescourt, Pat Woodell
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by george waGGner

Kookie and J. R. draw a plum assignment: it's at the beach during a holiday weekend. They pick up a couple of girls, but the weekend turns bad when one of them is hurt by a hit-and-run driver.
John Dehner, Pamela Austin, Anthony Call, Mikki Jamison, Hampton Fancher, Arthur Franz, Rachel Ames, Susan Hart, David Carlisle, Larry Merrill (Walter Slezak, Karen Sharpe, Robert Strauss?)
Written by Don Tait; Directed by Leslie H. Martinson

Stu is sent to pick up the belongings of humanitarian industrialist Harold Payton Adams, and finds a briefcase full of money, a blonde and a deadly trap.
Allan Jones, Warren Stevens, Kaye Elhardt, Earl Hammond, Ann Robinson, William Woodson, Harry Holcombe, Timothy Rooney, Greg Benedict, Benny Baker, Lane Allan
Written by Paul Savage; Directed by Robert Sparr

Danny Saunders longs for the father he thinks is dead, wishing he was there cheering him on during his Little League games. Jeff and J.R. try to help him and become involved in a murder plot.
Ed Nelson, Diane Ladd, Bo Belinsky, Ronnie Dapo, E.J. Andre, Kathleen Freeman, Vic Perrin, Aaron Saxon, Grace Lee Whitney, Gordon Jones, Bo Belinsky
Written by Joel Rogosin; Directed by george waGGner
Belinsky appears as himself.

A friend of Stu's, Professor Charles Alderson, invites him to lecture to his criminology class. But while on the campus, Stu encounters a real mystery involving blackmail, two murders and a careless liar.
Carl Reindel, Andrew Duggan, Mark Dempsey, Judy Rawlins, Alan Reed Jr., Cheryl Holdridge, Sandy Kevin, Lane Chandler, Barrie Howard
Written by Jason Wingreen; Directed by Paul Landres

TO CATCH A MINK (5/10/63)
Stu sees old flame Connie Beck at a charity auction and is horrified to find that she and her colleages plan to heist the merchandise on display.
Dianne Foster, Robert Armstrong, Mike Henry, Earl Hammond, Edward Colmans, Susan Brown, The Frankie Ortega Trio, Linda Marshall, Ron Hagerthy, Gregg Palmer, John Duke, Bob Anderson
Written by Lawrence Kimble; Directed by Robert M. Leeds

LADY IN THE SUN (5/17/63)
Realtor Joe Carden hires Stu when his company books are stolen by a beautiful woman. Stu pursues her and learns the lady is not only gorgeous and resourceful, she's deadly.
Karen Sharpe, Fred Beir, Yvonne Craig, Dick Davalos, Fred Vincent, Harry Hickox, Irwin Charone, Gordon Wescourt, Ed Prentiss, Bernie Kopell
Teleplay by Dean Riesner from a story by Thomas Ahearn & Morton Grant; Directed by Robert Sparr

Kookie's assignment isn't going at all well. A million dollars in negotiable securities are stolen from under his nose by a group of con men and Stu has to bail him out of the mess.
Kurt Kreuger, Albert Paulsen, Mario Machado, Marcel Hillaire, Alan Caillou, Miguel Landa, Jack Raine, Ben Wright
Teleplay by Robert Hamner, Story by Robert Musel; Directed by Richard C. Sarafian

Millionaire Eugene Seaver's daughter Kristine is infatuated with a swindler who's just returned to America from a foreign hideout. Seaver hires Stu to protect her from her would-be swain. But is he after her or her money?
Robert Vaughn, Susan Oliver, Bill Quinn, George Murdock, Joseph Waring, Dub Taylor, Olan Soulé, Bob White
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Robert Sparr

Cuthbert Carmichael does not want to follow in the family tradition of crime, so he hires Stu to help him stage a fake robbery so he won't be disinherited by his grandmother.
William Windom, Nancy Kulp, Kathryn Givney, Robert Cornthwaite, Stephen Chase, Barbara Wilkin
Written by Robert J. Shaw; Directed by george waGGner

Svengali director Toller Vengrin has his Swedish star Margrit Strom in his clutches and her agent hires Stu to loosen the man's hold. The problem seems solved when Vengrin is killed, but then Margrit is charged with the murder.
Patricia Rainier, Albert Paulsen, Philip Abbott, Virginia Christine, Jerome Cowan, Stacy Harris, Booth Colman, Bill Zuckert, Barney Phillips, Robert Knapp
Written by Roger Smith; Directed by William Conrad

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