77 Sunset Strip


SEASON 3, 1960-1961

ATTIC (9/16/60)
Jeff finds himself in a nasty situation. He gets caught trailing a woman and ends up the prisoner of a gun-happy redneck, the woman, and a mastermind forming 3/4 of a group of armed robbers, impatiently waiting for their fourth partner. When he doesn't show, they divide the loot and leave Jeff trussed up like a rotisserie chicken. And nobody knows where Jeff is.
John Dehner (Mark Hammet), Kathleen Crowley (Vetta Nygood), Robert Colbert (Kim MacGowen), Lee Van Cleef (Deek), Gary Vinson (Marlin), Manning Ross (Dan), Jack Mather (Sheriff Reyben), Rickey Kelman (Randolph), Rusty Stevens (Max), Robert Pittman (Ajax), Mickey Simpson (Butch), Cynthia Pepper (Donna)
Written by Joseph Manson; Directed by Montgomery Pittman
The original sponsors of this episode were 'ice blue' Secret deodorant, 'don't broadcast bad breath' Clorets mints, Dristan ('shrinks all 8 sinus cavities'), Dentyne, 'take a puff and it's springtime' Salem cigarettes and Brylcreem. A character says he likes the TV show Lawman--a Warner series starring John Russell, which was a spinoff from Laramie. Note the bar is called the 'Dew Drop Inn.' There seemed to be bars all over the country with this tired play on 'do drop in.'

THE FANATICS (9/23/60)
U.N. Peace conference negotiator Professor Marcus Raymond has had two attempts on his life and in desperation, calls Stu, who goes along to North Africa as his "secretary." Their task is to stop a revolution.
Bert Convy (Kemal), Joe De Santis (Mustafa Caleb), Marcel Dalio (Marcel Dalio), Margaret Thomas (Amina), Tris Coffin (Marcus Raymond), Oliver McGowan (Philip Van Orden), Paul Dubov (Youssef), Jan Arvan (Dr. Lindholm), Victor Buono (Bongo Bernie), V.J. Ardwin (Haroun), Joseph Abdullah (Lt. Fadin), Jeff DeBenning (Doctor)
Teleplay by Allen Chasen, Story by Seeleg Lester; Directed by William J. Hole, Jr.

Jeff and Rex parachute into a Latin American country and assume disguises as peasants. With the help of a recalcatrant burro and a piece of luck at a military roadblock, they make it to a clinica, where they are supposed to collect the daughter of the deposed president. But neither she nor her doctor can be found.
George Tobias (Pepe Gonzales), Rodolfo Hoyos (Captain Soto), Lisa Montell (Dolores), Jacqueline Ravell (Nina Alsonso [probably a typo for Alonso]), Leonard Strong (White Monk), Miguel Landa (Pedro), John Verros (Raul Mendez), Albert Carrier (Captain's Aide), Carolyn Komant (The Blonde)
Written by Lee Santley; Directed by James V. Kern
Why wear all black and a blackened face when parachuting down in broad daylight?? In the background, the Rodgers and Hart song, 'Thou Swell.'

There's a new tenant on the second floor of the 77 Sunset Strip building named Hugo Womack. Funny, he doesn't have any furniture and his first visitor is a hit man. Womack is willing to pay $2,000 to get Stu killed because he's to be the star witness in the trial of a racketeer.
Sherry Jackson (Shirley Bent), Richard Jaeckel (Bob Bent), Bruce Gordon (Hugo Womack), Robert McQueeney (Vern Fletcher), J. Edward McKinley (Mr. Graff)
Written by Montgomery Pittman; Directed by William J. Hole Jr.
Tenants of 77 Sunset Strip are, on the first floor, Bailey & Spencer, Sunset Answering Service, Dick Howard Enterprises, George J. Callos, and on the second floor, Hugo Womack, Kordell, Ltd., and J. T. Plehn & Co.

Bailey & Spencer is hired to provide security for a film festival at which an actress was killed last year and a local astrologer again predicts violence. The dead actress's agent hires the firm because the columnist predicts danger for all six of Shelly Blair's clients this year.
Buddy Lester (Himself), Sharon Hugueny (Sprite Simpson), Paula Raymond (Karen Blair), Ruta Lee (Melissa Mateneau), Judy Dan (Lotus Lee), Beatrice Kay (Eleanora Ferris), Walter Reed (Sheldon Blair),Lili Kardell (Helga Haller), James [as Jim] Milhollin (Jon Keith), David Cross (Jean Paul Cartier), The Frankie Ortega Trio
Teleplay by Daniel Ward, Story by Monica Morrow; Directed by george waGGner
Lester appears as himself

Exporter Henry Packer is missing two important things: a blonde and a quarter of a million bucks. Jeff finds the blonde in Acapulco, mixed up in a large drug deal and cavorting with another man.
Karen Steele (Iris), Rhodes Reason (Paul Norris), Jay Novello (Henry Packer), Henry Corden (Alfredo), Marianna Hill (Latin Girl), Saundra Edwards (Cocktail Waitress), Barbara Baxter (Stewardess)
Written by Alice B. Thomas, Story by Gene Levitt; Directed by Mark Sandrich Jr.
This was the first 3rd season episode shot. Note the addition of the Mary Webb Davis sign on the side of the '77' building. This sign by the real tenant of the building was obviously added in the previous season, since they were hounded the first year of the season by people looking for Bailey & Spencer and/or the actors. The marquee was changed too. As Efrem Zimbalist noted in his interview, they painted a large '8544' on the triangular end of the awning. Before that, there was a simple, small sign on both sides that said 'Mary Webb Davis - 8544' and nothing on the triangular end. The sign on the wall was another attempt to tell people that they were the real tenants.

The big break has come at last for Dino's singer Barry James. He's gotten tapped for the movies and all is well until the sleezy publisher of a Hollywood gossip rag threatens to expose an old indiscretion and hires an unwilling Rex to be his bodyguard because his true game is blackmail.
Jock Mahoney (Barry James), Kaye Elhardt (Belinda Lane), Fredd Wayne (Mike Ransome), Peter Leeds (Chick Little), Roxanne Arlen (April Moon), John Hubbard (Dr. Robillard), Gary Conway (Johnny Poe), Gayla Graves (Lois James), Lewis Charles (Nicky Nardo), Paul Lukather (Scooter)
Written by Dean Riesner; Directed by george waGGner

Stu's uncanny resemblance to mobster Silk Cipriano's "executioner" makes the government ask him to impersonate the killer. The goal is to wipe out Cipriano's new drug cartel on the west coast and to get hard evidence on Cipriano's past crimes.
Bruce Cabot (Silk Cipriano), Dolores Donlon (Rena Stratton), John Dennis (Nelse Nelson), Frank Nechero (Scotty Muir), William Forrest (Graham), Max Baer (Government Man [Emory Blaine])
Written by Leonard Lee; Directed by george waGGner

While on vacation, Jeff gets caught in the middle of a revolution and must save both the daughter of the president and the country from an insurgent mob.
Sherry Jackson (Ophir), Henry Brandon (Darius), Paul Dubov (Georges Theriot), Katherine Henryk (Elizabeth Pitts-Evel), Jay Adler (Gomates), George Lewis (Ochus), Ted Wedderspoon (William Pitts-Evel), Ken Tilles (Dr. Conan), Paul Marco (Jeep Driver), Vic Tayback (Bearded Rebel)
Written by Montgomery Pittman; Directed by Montgomery Pittman

It's the 25th anniversary of cowboy crooner Dustin W. Duncan's death, and the press and cemetery is gearing up for the annual appearance of "The Veiled Lady." Everyone's aghast to find the statue of Duncan and his horse atop the grave has been stolen. The cemetery hires Rex to uncover the perpetrator.
Donald Woods (Frank Baker), Meg Wyllie (Rose Durkee), Judith Rawlins (Wendy Wynne), Marjorie Bennett (Bessie St. Clair), Richard Deacon (Wallace Friend), Barbara Gates (Jennifer Cross), Fern Barry (Woman Tourist)
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by Irving J. Moore

Jeff's ready to leave London after solving a blackmail case when one of his local sources asks for his help. On a safe-cracking job, this Benny Markham stole something for one Blackpool Eddie. He had it in his pocket all night. The paper announces the bad news: what Benny stole was five ounces of a new radioactive isotope and his doctor gives him less than two weeks to live. Benny asks Jeff to make sure Blackpool Eddie gets nailed.
Walter Burke (Benny Markham), Gale Garnett (China Mary), Tudor Owen (Dr. MacDougal), Lester Matthews (Inspector Carnahan), Jennifer Raine (Betty Linell), Fredrick Ledebur (Kurt Strohmann), Jacqueline Squire (Barmaid), Kendrick Huxham (Blinky), Diana Crawford (Sheila), Peter Forster (Blackpool Eddie)
Teleplay by Leonard Lee, Story by James Barnett; Directed by Robert B. Sinclair

The Neumans always believed their daughter was killed by the Nazis but when they hear otherwise, they hire Stu to check out a girl claiming to be Gabriella Neuman.
Karen Steele (Gabriella Neuman), John van Dreelen (Alexis Manet), John Banner (Carl Neuman), Penny Santon (Mrs. Neuman), Roger Til (Inspector D'Avril), Dale Van Sickel (Josef)
Teleplay by george waGGner and Catherine Kuttner, Story by george waGGner; Directed by george waGGner

Adam Gallante is the ultimate mystery man--everyone describes him differently, including a startling number of wives, one of whom engages Jeff and Kookie to track down her errant bridegroom. He marries them and disappears on the wedding nights. The women then seem to become accident-prone.
Alvy Moore (Adam Gallante), Sue Randall (Alice Smith Gallante), Carol Ohmart (Sheila Storm), Carmen Phillips (Karma Onyx), Marianne Gaba (Peaches Schultz), Norma Varden (Maude Courtwright), Robert Quarry (Joey Webb), Alana Ladd (Teenager), The Frankie Ortega Trio
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by Irving J. Moore
Alvy Moore was cast against type for a Casanova. He was best known for playing Hank Kimball, county agricultural agent, on Green Acres. There are lots of San Fernando Valley streets mentioned and seen in this episode, including Van Nuys Blvd. When they say they're in Laurel Canyon, they're not. Warner catalogue songs in this episode include 'Just One of Those Things,' 'Too Marvelous for Words,' and 'Lover Come Back to Me.' Judge Crater is mentioned in dialogue as one of the most famous missing persons in the 20th century.

VALLEY CAPER (12/16/60)
Actress Abigail Allen has started running with some less-than-smart-set-gangsters, and she's present when a mobster is killed in a Valley club. Until recently, she was a quiet young woman who rarely ventured out of her own group of friends, and the studio feels she may be in trouble and brings in Jeff and Rex to help her. Rex poses as her latest co-star to find out what's going on.
Kathleen Crowley (Abigail Allen), Tris Coffin (David Hillman), Ken Mayer (First Hood), Dennis Holmes (Pete), Reedy Talton (Jimmy Crook), David Alpert (Makeup Man), William A. Forester (Director)
Written by Douglas Morrow; Directed by Robert Douglas
Note the use of the famous staircase built for Auntie Mame (starring Roger Smith as the grown up Patrick Dennis), and used endlessly thereafter.

Dolly Stewart hires Jeff to protect her elderly husband from one of her ex-boyfriends. But Jeff turns out to be the one who needs protection--from a murder rap.
Myrna Fahey (Dolly Stewart), H.M. Wynant (Jerry Brent), Raymond Bailey (Steven Stewart), Kay Stewart (Miss Adams), Judith Rawlins (Nurse), Dave Barry (Himself)
Teleplay by Emily Bronson, Story by Howard Lee; Directed by William J. Hole Jr.
Dave Barry appears as himself.

THE RICE ESTATE (12/30/60)
Stu wonders what he's gotten into when he keeps his appointment with a wealthy recluse, Mrs. Eunice Rice. First, he has trouble entering the vast estate and then his client meets him at the door carrying an axe. The living room has practically no furniture and Mrs. Rice, a young widow, has been a virtual prisoner in the house for three years. She's been the victim of threats ever since she put the house up for sale. Stu spends a strange Hallowe'en in the mansion.
Peggy McCay (Eunice Rice), Gary Conway (Colton Rice, Jr.), Montgomery Pittman (Russian), Cecile Rogers (Girl), Charles Hicks (Bobby), Jean Paul King (Will)
Written by Montgomery Pittman; Directed by Robert Douglas
The establishing shot of the mansion is one in Pasadena, near the Rose Bowl, which was used in virtually every TV show

Derek Fielding may be a good actor, but he's a rotten human being and his Hamlet company is suffering the slings and arrows of his mean and nasty manner. And this is the man the show's producer hires Rex to protect after a series of accidents befall the star.
Andrew Duggan (Derek Fielding), Faith Domergue (Gretchen Jervis), Nina Shipman (Darlene Wells), Neil Hamilton (Jerry Branford), Richard Garland (Farley Cabot), John Wengraf (Max Eberhard), Michael Harris (Marcelus)
Teleplay by Ed Jurist and Everett Sloane, Story by Everett Sloane; Directed by Irving J. Moore

Does Jeff have a client or not? He's hired by Joseph Vanner, who says someone is trying to kill him. Jeff finds out Vanner has partial amnesia and the person who's threatening him is...himself.
Karl Swenson (Joseph Vanner aka Joe Vianelli), Robert Colbert (Phil), Tris Coffin (Dr. Alford), Connie Davis (Mrs. Macleavy), Gayla Graves (Anita), Vana Leslie (Nurse), George Werier (Desk Clerk), Charles Seel (Martin)
Written by Henry Slesar; Directed by Paton Price

Mobster Frankie Arnold hires Stu to protect him--not from the federal and local agents who are after him but from his ex-partner, who's just been released from prison and is threatening to kill Arnold's football superstar son.
Chad Everett (Mark Adams), Alan Baxter (Frankie Arnold), Marian McKnight (Sally Butler), Claudia Barrett (Gloria Phillips), Steve Mitchell (Hood #2), Karl Lunas (Hood #1), William Forrest (John Morgan), Karen Parker (Jean), Julie Van Zandt (Girl)
Written by Douglas Morrow; Directed by Robert Douglas

MR. GOLDILOCKS (1/27/61)
Jeff is seriously injured while chasing a jewel thief, yet keeps on after him as he flees far into the desert.
Sue Ane Langdon (Polly Wills), Mike Road (Abern Wills), Will Wright (Luther Banks), Adam Williams (Willie Lee Hanks)
Written by Montgomery Pittman & Roger Smith; Directed by Andrew McCullough

Rex discovers a nasty con being run by a lawyer. He convinces gullible people that they have overseas estates and collects retainers from them. They never hear from him again.
Vana Leslie (Eve Martell), Douglas Dick (Dean Emery), Max Baer (Luther Martell), Marjorie Stapp (Mitzi Martell), Dawn Wells (Yvonne Martell), Joseph Holland (Abel Price)
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by Leslie H. Martinson

It's Rashomon all over again as Stu and Jeff each tell Rex very different tales about how they started in business. Jeff says Stu was broke and working in a tenement, while Stu says Jeff was a know-nothing amateur with no finesse. The case is the same: breaking an auto theft ring. Kookie's version is different from both.
John Hubbard (Mr. Winterbottom), Carolyn Komant (Jolene), Brad Weston (Jack Reed), Lennie Bremen (Pete), Mike London (Limy), Joan Staley (Miss Stanley), Jack Daly (Salesman)
Written by Roger Smith; Directed by george waGGner

An ex-movie star arrives at Bailey & Spencer dripping with jewels, fur and with two wolfhounds on leash. Jeff and Rex are impressed. But that changes when they find her house and entourage is stranger than Norma Desmond's. The man-hungry actress is also hungry for money and she wants them to stage a fake jewel robbery so she can collect the insurance. Neither one is pleased when the jewels are really stolen, along with some love letters.
Ty Hardin (Drew Dekker), Kathleen Crowley (Martiza Vedar), Lee Patrick (Nona Rumson), Oscar Beregi (Holtz Von Ulrich), John Gabriel (Nicky Kinares), Fay Baker (Carolyn Kinares), Richard Rust (Race Shawn), Paul Dubov (Gunman), Herb Vigran (Augie)
Written by Sonya Roberts; Directed by Paton Price

A prominent actress is being unnerved by a peeping tom, who soon becomes more than an annoyance. Her cowboy star boyfriend, Tim Winslow, gives her a gun and then brings Rex into the case. He sends Kookie to pick her up and find her an apartment in town, but she chooses one that's oddly exposed. That night, a man gets in and she shoots him. The dead man's sister arrives and claims it was premeditated murder.
Peter Breck (Tim Winslow), Merry Anders (Lorrie Lambers), Paula Raymond (Sandra Morgan), Joe De Santis (Milton Garvey), Dee Carroll (Amy Rollet)
Written by Charles B. Smith; Directed by Robert Douglas

Everyone has an assignment in the latest case. Stu is guarding His Highness Padi Shah of Benar, Kookie his daughter and Roscoe his tiger. Among the recreation planned for the distinguished guests is a visit to the set of Maverick and Warner Bros. studios, where they run into more than movie stars.
Roger Moore, Merry Anders, John van Dreelen (Padi Shah of Benar), Sharon Hugueny (Sari), Theodore Marcuse (Igor), Peter Humphreys (Major Forester), Lucienne Auclair (Lada), John Baer (Wm. T. Hart), Herman Rudin (Nikki), Keith Richards (Johnson)
Written by Fenton Earnshaw; Directed by Sutton Roley
Roger Moore (as the actor playing Beau Maverick) and Merry Anders appear as themselves. The way these episodes ran, Anders is in back-to-back shows, but 'Tiger By the Tail' was shot some time before 'Face In the Window.'

Jeff joins the space race as he goes undercover at a high security missile base in order to trap a foreign agent and clear his scientist friend. The friend's colleagues are anxious to help but Jeff doesn't know whom to trust.
Arthur Franz (Dr. Alex Conley), Coleen Gray (Helen Conley), Kasey Rogers (Greta Michov), Tod Andrews (Jim Brecker), Jean Porter (Dorothy Cooper), Otto Waldis (Dr. Joseph Durek), Jack Livesey (Dr. Roger Middlesmith), Harry Holcombe (Dr. John Carver), Bill Halop (Tim Acton)
Written by Fenton Earnshaw; Directed by george waGGner

A superstitious silent film star, Baxter Kellogg, has lost his good luck charm--a medallion of Thespis. The legend in his family is that if the current owner wears it whenever performing, he will live and prosper--lose it and you die alone. Stu has to find it before Kellogg begins his new TV series.
Julie Adams (Norma Kellogg), Buddy Ebsen (Baxter Kellogg), Joel Grey (Joey Kellogg), Carol Ohmart (Rochelle Adrian), Dawn Wells (Judy Rogers), Wallace Rooney (Wally Raye), Gayla Graves (Gypsy), Keith Richards (Allan Joyce)
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

Stanley Leckonby is at last out on parole and his number one priorities are to collect his hidden ill-gotten $85,000 and then see a woman. Jeff's right behind him, and everybody's convinced Stanley's a genius. Stanley seems like a milquetoast, but whenever there's a tail on him, he loses it. A box of his is stolen several times, resulting in murder. Does it contain the money?
Rochelle Hudson (Renee Lamson), Richard Carlyle (Stanley Leckonby), Jean Allison (Francie Sheldon), Victor Buono (Gunther), Robert Foulk (Emil Seley), Ed Prentiss (Brendan)
Written by Robert C. Dennis; Directed by Robert Douglas

Nugget City's annual Frontier Week provides the backdrop when Rex is hired by the town's eccentric leading citizen to play nursemaid to an elderly gunslinger and poker player, who's to be the guest of honor at this year's festivities. Meanwhile, Rex uncovers a mine swindle.
Lisa Gaye (Samantha Hoyt), Robert Lowery (Marcus Henning), Robert Colbert (Jim Vance), William Fawcett (Notch McConnell), Richard Garland (Wayne Gentry), Walter Reed (Carl Quigley), George Wallace (Sheriff), Maurice Manson (Paul Wheary), Jack Halliday (Mr. Davis)
Teleplay by William Bruckner, Story by Leonard Brown; Directed by Robert Sparr

VAMP 'TIL READY (4/7/61)
Brilliant young concert pianist David Todd has disappeared and Stu is hired by his wife and his manager to find him. Stu uncovers a diabolical plot to kill Todd, which makes the case even more urgent.
John van Dreelen (Max Comstock), Janet Lake (Melissa Van Horn), Bert Convy (David Todd), Kaye Elhardt (Julie Lee), Brad Weston (Wedge Rankin), Art Tenen (Irv Edwards)
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by george waGGner

Lt. Gilmore is forced to use Suzanne as bait after a series of beautiful young women are murdered.
Philip Terry (George Lewis), Connie Davis (Mrs. Davis), Paul Birch (Myron Jones), Frank Gerstle (John Carter), Gil Stuart (Winfred Langford), Michele Montau (Renee Dumont), John Damler (Lt. Patterson)
Written by Montgomery Pittman & Roger Smith; Directed by Paton Price

THE 6 OUT OF 8 CAPER (4/21/61)
Despite her wealth, Barbara Wentworth hires Stu to find out how an unprepossessing little man always manages to pick 6 out of 8 winners at the racetrack. Stu also finds that anyone with a system like that is in great danger.
Patrice Wymore (Barbara Wentworth), Jay Novello (Wilmer Zaleski), Gordon Jones (Schoolboy Slidell), Robert Hutton (Harvey Stokes), William Kendis (Flip), Nelson Olmsted (Gordon Baylor)
Written by Robert Vincent Wright; Directed by Andrew McCullough

Western star Flint Dakota is filming "The Outlaw King," and his estranged wife is concerned because he's been having accidents on the set--a lot of them. Jeff has to find out if the perpetrator is Dakota's stunt double, who has plenty of motive--Dakota stole his girl.
Andrew Duggan (Flint Dakota), Peggy McCay (Fay Dakota), Donna Douglas (Rhonda Sheridan), Kent Taylor (Henry Thaxton), Hal Baylor (Johnny Lace), Christine Nelson (Moonbeam)
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by Jeffrey Hayden

A traffic reporter sees what he believes to be a dead body in a car and calls the station. But when the cops get there, the car's gone, the body's gone and the reporter, Hal Colson, is fired for turning in a false report and is in danger of losing his license. He asks Stu to try and find the car and the woman with a large bloodstain on her back.
Dorothy Green (Amanda Strong), Donald Buka (Tony Bowman), Richard Crane (Harold 'Hal' Colson), Judy Lewis (Linda Graham), Jess Kirkpatrick (Arny Blair), Judith Rawlins (Receptionist), The Frankie Ortega Trio
Written by Gloria Elmore; Directed by Robert Douglas
This very L.A. episode features SigAlerts, traffic helicopters, freeways, lots of traffic and real streets. Kookie is shown driving down Hollywood Blvd., with shops Lucy's and Woolworth's in the background. The Frankie Ortega Trio [uncredited] plays 'Fascinatin' Rhythm.'

Suzanne goes undercover as a model and Jeff poses as an efficiency expert to unravel the theft of the latest collection of designs from a fashion house.
Rebecca Welles (Ellen Martone), Robert H. Harris (Pop Halliday), Carol Ohmart (Linda Gates), Tony Travis (Mark Fulton), Richard Webb (Cliff Jarrett), Marianne Gaba (Polly)
Written by Leonard Lee; Directed by Michael O'Herlihy

CAPER IN E FLAT (5/19/61)
Somebody's trying to kill country singing star Billy Boy Baines and his self-styled overly-westernized manager 'Deacon' Franklin hires Rex to find the gunman. He suggests a former client--one-hit-wonder George Tishman--might hold a grudge.
Evan McCord (Billy Boy Baines), John Dehner (Morton P. Franklin ['Deacon']), Cloris Leachman (Vicki Franklin), Carolyn Komant (Susan), Robert Logan (George Tishman), Harry Harvey Sr. (Judge Hansen), Barbara Luddy (Mrs. Hansen), Murray Alper (Cab Driver)
Written by Robert J. Shaw; Directed by Jeffrey Hayden
Billy Boy's hit song is 'Will You Love Me in the Ninth Grade Like You Did in the Eighth,' a wonderfully silly title. His other hits are 'There's a Vacant Seat on the Schoolbus Today' and 'Love Me, Love My Spelling Book.' George's hit is 'You Stuck Your Class Pin Straight Through My Heart.' Roger Smith plays the guitar and the cast sings 'Ain't She Sweet.'

Maria Rodriguez hires Rex to go to Vegas with her immediately on a private plane to find her brother, who's on a tear with female companions and a lot of money. Enroute, the plane explodes in mid-air and the news reports Rex was killed in the explosion. The mood at Bailey & Spencer is grim. Miss Rodriguez was not on the plane and the owner of the aircraft and CAB determine the explosion was from inside the aircraft. But was Rex even on the plane?
Troy Donahue (Andy Winfield II), Van Williams (Ken Madison), Donna Martell (Maria Rodriguez), Joe DeSantis (Señor Juan Sebastien Valdez), Carlos Romero (Señor Seradil), George J. Lewis (Doctor Santos), Sharon Landa (Marlene Randolph), Harlan Warde (Mr. Hefferman), John Damler (Mr. Lawrence), John Verros (Salazar), Jorge Moreno (Manuel)
Written by Fenton Earnshaw; Directed by george waGGner
Crossover episode with SurfSide 6. We learn that Rex lives at 3770 Pastel Place in North Hollywood (a fictional address) and has a sister in New Orleans.

Clues that Rex may not be dead but only kidnapped, lead Stu, Jeff, Kookie and Roscoe to a South American country, Ylapa, where they hope to find the mysterious Maria Rodriguez as well as their friend. They arrive as a revolution is about to break out.
Donna Martell (Maria Rodriguez), Joe DeSantis (Señor Juan Sebastien Valdez), Lisa Montell (Linda Carnero), Carlos Romero (Señor Seradil), George J. Lewis (Doctor Santos), Sharon Landa (Marlene Randolph), Ric Roman (Paul Pinar), Jorge Moreno (Manuel)
Written by Fenton Earnshaw; Directed by george waGGner

Rex and Kookie see Europe on an assignment to deliver some paintings. They're sent to Rome, then Nice and Monte Carlo, but they haven't yet seen their client. When they finally meet ruthless international tycoon Gunnar Isis, they wish they hadn't. Now Isis wants them to guard a priceless diamond tiara he's giving to his prima ballerina fiance. It's worth half a million dollars.
John Conte (Gunnar Isis), Leslie Parrish (Amanda Sant), Mari Blanchard (Countess Van Hohenstein), Kurt Kreuger (Rafael Galindos), Robin Hughes (Nicky Bascombe), Joseph Ruskin (Gregory), Karen Parker (Choux-Choux Godot), David Cross (Inspector Duvuvier), Murray Kamelhar (The Fisherman), David Janti (Ship's Officer)
Written by Charles Sinclair & Bill Finger; Directed by Irving J. Moore
The credits for this series are usually accurate, even as to regulars, but on this episode, both Jacqueline Beer and The Frankie Ortega Trio are credited but do not appear. 'April in Paris' and 'Begin the Beguine' are played in the background.

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