London Program

Prince Edward Theatre - June 21, 1978-Feb. 8, 1986

Awards: SWET (Society of West End Theatres)--Best Musical 1978
Excerpts recording MCA OC 064-61 693 (1978)

Robert Stigwood
In association with
David Land
Lyrics by Tim Rice
Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Executive Producer Bob Swash
Lighting by David Hersey
Sound by Abe Jacob
Musical Direction Anthony Bowles
Orchestrations by Hershy Kay
Original Orchestrations and Vocal Arrangements by Andrew Lloyd Webber
Choreography by Larry Fuller
Designed by Timothy O’Brien and Tazeena Firth
Directed by Harold Prince


Replaced by Gary Bond (11/78), Martin Smith (5/82), Jimmy Kean (5/85)
Photos of replacement casts are under their biographies. Click on their names.

Replaced by Marti Webb (2/4/80), Stephanie Lawrence (5/4/81), Siobhan McCarthy, Jacquey Chapell, Kathryn Evans (5/85)
Alternate--DIANA LANGTON (added to cast 8/6/78 after Paige vocal trouble)
Replaced by Susannah Fellows, Marti Webb, Stephanie Lawrence, Jacquey Chapell (5/4/81), Maria Morgan
Replaced by John Turner, Oz Clarke (5/82), Daniel Benzali
Magaldi--MARK RYAN
Replaced by David Burt, Clifton Todd
Replaced by Janet Shaw, Kelly Hunter, Lyndy Brill (5/82), Jackie Ekers

People of Argentina--Singers: Joshua Bancel, Derek Beard, Michelle Breeze, Chris Brooke, Jo Cameron Brown, Jimmy Cassidy, Derek Damon, Jeni Evans, Colin Fay, Susannah Fellows, Stanley Fleet, Stewart Mackintosh, Robin Merrill, Nigel Planer, Claire Rimmer, Ken Robson, Myra Sands, Wendy Shoemann, Janet Shaw, David Taegar, Christina Thornton, Edwin Van Wyk.
Dancers: Peppi Borza, Christine Cartwright, Andrea Chance, Teresa Codling, Margaret Ede, Anthony Edge, Susan Hayes, Gerard Jouanneau, Julie Kirk, Connel Miles, Phillip Needs, David Shelmerdine, Nancy Wood, John Yost. Children: Selected from The Old Vicarage School, Richmond Hill, and King’s House School, Richmond, and trained by Michael Stuckey.

Other artists who performed in the show during its seven year run: Marc Arnall, Roy Ashby, Norma Atallah, Paul Baden, Glyn Bailey, Anthony Barratt, Tony Bateman, Ray Begley, Frank Blanch, Chris Brooke, Janis Carol, David Chilton, Miriam Claire, Beryl Corsan, Geoffrey Dallamore, Linda D'Arcy, Stephen David, Anna De Vere, Ian Dring, Audrey Duggan, Roy Durban, Paul Easom, Anthony Edge, Christopher Finch, Stanley Fleet, Allison Fontaine, Felicity Forrest, Don Gallagher, Debbie Garvey, Bradley Graham, Philip Griffiths, Andrew Guyat, David Hampshire, Sarah Jane Hassel, Jonathan Hewell, Deborah Holmes, Christopher Howard, Peter James-Robinson, Caroline Jameson, Peter Johnston, Peggy Ann Jones, Peter Karrie, Ria Kearney, Lisa Kent, Elizabeth Lawrence, Shelagh Lawrence-Davies, Paul Lindsay, Diana Lorenz, Ross Macfarlane, Ray Mangion, Richard Manuel, Simon Masterson-Smith, Ian McArthur, Catherine McCord, Frank Mear, Richard Mitchell, Denis Nelson, Ray Nelson, Clive Packham, Basil Patton, Shaune Powell, Marianne Price, Carolyn Rodway, Pamela Scott, Helena Shenel, James Skeggs, Suzanne Sloane, Ann Smith, Duncan Smith, Lydia Smith, Nikki Squires, Jane Stanford, Jane Sylvester, Mason Taylor, Rex Taylor-Craig, Hyndall Trotman, David Tysall, Anna Vincent, Steve Whatley, Patrick Wilkes, Tina Young.


A Cinema in Buenos Aires
Oh What A Circus
On This Night of A Thousand Stars
Eva Beware of the City
Buenos Aires
Goodnight and Thank You
The Art of the Possible
Charity Concert
I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You
Another Suitcase in Another Hall
Peron’s Latest Flame
A New Argentina

On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada
Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
High Flying Adored
Rainbow High
Rainbow Tour
The Actress Hasn’t Learned (The Lines You’d Like to Hear)
And The Money Keeps Rolling In (And Out)
Santa Evita
Waltz for Eva and Che
She Is a Diamond
Dice Are Rolling
Eva’s Final Broadcast

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Elaine Paige and Company in rehearsal

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